Friday, August 19, 2016

Senmer News Wire: Golf Lovers can Now Bid to Buy Golfing Joys Website and Set Up their Personal or Business Golf Presence Online

Golf lovers, both professionals and amateurs, are in for the opportunity to buy, a small website branded around the popular sport. Golfing Joys is now up for sale, and can be used for setting up a personal blog, an ecommerce website or an informative news portal.

Golfing Joys is branded with a crisp and distinct logo that makes it easily identifiable. The site runs on the latest version of WordPress with a clean top menu bar, and a side bar for running advertisements. The site can be easily tweaked to run as a golf devoted personal blog, or developed into a full scale e-commerce website for selling golf related equipment and apparel. The site template is long scrolling, with a large, full screen banner that lends the homepage a professional appeal.

Owning a niche domain is the first step towards creating a visible online presence. All it takes is a strong domain name that is easy to remember, a crisp and clean template, and loads of content. The website should also carry a unique logo and social media presence that is free of clutter. Golfing Joys was created to include all of these and more so that a true golf enthusiast does not think twice before making a bid.

Golf is popularly conceived to be a sport played by the rich or those with plenty of spare time. However, that is not the case if one looks at the amount of walking and shot making efforts involved. Owning this website will be a good way for anyone related to the sport to bring out its sporting aspects.

As they say, the right caddie can turn an average player into a competitor. The game is about making that shot, such as owning this website. It is the final step towards doing all the great things about golfing.

Be the first to strike while the iron is hot!” said D. Graham, Owner of

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Media Contact
Company Name: Golfing Joys
Contact Person: D. Graham
City: Wichita
State: Kansas
Country: United States

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