Friday, July 21, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Wartune Reborn is being officially released on 20th July

Wartune Reborn is a strategic browser game with RPG elements, based on the classical browser game Wartune which obtained the Facebook Staff Favorite award in 2013 and the Facebook Top Asian Game award in 2014. In Wartune Reborn, players will be able to live the adventure to the fullest with a more fluid game experience, a balanced economy system and new features!

Several new adventures begin with Wartune Reborn, more functions and rewards will be added to the base game. Wartune Reborn will bring players a both fantastic and classical gaming experience. Get ready for the brand new battles and begin new adventures!

 Wartune Reborn is being officially released on 20th July

Features in Wartune Reborn:

Wartune Reborn will be launched with the classical systems of the original Wartune. The first version will be released in July, players will experience the Cloud City and three powerful classes.

Summer has arrived to Wartune, the glory of Cloud City is no longer shinning without the lords. In the brand new Wartune Reborn, Sylphs, new fashions and new mounts are waiting for all the players. There are also bonus rewards for returning to Wartune Reborn, and players can take on new challenges to win rare resources in Jewel Hunt.

• Return of Three Powerful Classes

Archer, Knight, and Mage are three powerful classes in Wartune Reborn. Each class has its own power and strategy in battle. Choose the class wisely, and join to fight in the impending war. Make full use of the skills and abilities of the different classes.

Multiple forces emerged and war broke out. To fight against the corruption from the darkness, three brave classes devote themselves to save the world. Take up weapons and be one of them, the destiny of the world depends on Wartune’s lords!

• Cloud City

Summer has arrived to Wartune, now that the rains has stopped everyone can see something in the sky: Cloud City. In this new city, the lords will be able to meet new NPC and characters and find new missions and events. A new adventure is waiting!

Enter Cloud City, and approach NPCs and characters to communicate, the communication system in Wartune Reborn is easier and more rewarding than in other games of its kind. Players can now communicate in different ways. Click the player and choose an interaction!

• Other Updates

Furthermore, some classic systems will come back to Wartune Reborn. Jewel Hunt, Divine Altar, Guild Chamber and other player challenges are waiting ahead, to test whether the power of the lords is strong enough to win! Besides, players will meet new graphics, races and styles in Wartune Reborn.

Wartune Reborn’s Official Website

You can find more information about Wartune Reborn on Wartune Reborn’s Official Website or Wartune Reborn’s Facebook fan page.

Wartune Reborn Official Website:

Wartune Reborn Official Facebook Fan Page:

About Proficient City

Proficient City, a branch of Game Hollywood, is an international online game company with offices in China, Europe, and Montreal. They specialize in innovating operations and strive for a perfect balance between content, gameplay and storyline.

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Company Name: Proficient City Limited
Contact Person: Yuki
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Source: Wartune Reborn is being officially released on 20th July

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd Offers New Designs Prefab House And Light Steel Villa With Fabricated Materials

Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd supplies different types of building materials. These products also include prefabricated housing products.

Creativity has been an important part of the real estate sector. Professional firms help in building good quality residential and commercial buildings. There are various companies that are coming up with different types of building materials and it is important to go with a reliable firm. One of the companies that have been providing state of the art products for designing houses is Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd.

Before coming up with a structure it is important to make a proper research and plan out the work for building a house. One should always rely on a professional and make sure that there is no negligence on the work done. Only a proper research can help in getting a professional firm that has good experience in this field. The prefab house has a firm structure and it is quite flexible with its layout. Its quick installation process makes it suitable for commercial purposes as one can get it customized as per his requirements. Clients also get the option to install partition wherever they want and use environmentally friendly products while building it.

Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd Offers New Designs Prefab House And Light Steel Villa With Fabricated Materials

Clients interested in getting pre fabricated building material can make an inquiry from the website and get in touch with the professionals. They can also go through the FAQs and get answer to all their queries. Once they are satisfied and all their queries are solved the clients can go ahead and buy the product. There is also the steel warehouse that is lightweight and provides excellent wind resistance. The strong seismic feature and low base structure demand of this product proves to be quite helpful for the users. The main frame of this building material comes with a welded H-steel and C-style purlins. When it comes to durability the buyers can expect these housing materials to last more than fifty years. Fast construction, ease in maintenance and easy installation makes them one of the best housing material for any commercial sector. There are many buyers that consider them for residential purposes too.

Staying in contact with professionals can be really helpful. The experts at Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd provide consultation to the clients and help them in getting customized housing products depending on their requirements. The light steel villa is known to be quite creative and it helps in building a villa styled house with the use of C-shaped steep, PVC flooring, plywood, galvanized deck and much more. The experts plan out the house and provide well decorated villa styled house to the clients. The frames used in doors and windows are either alloy thermal frames or glazing plastic steel.

About Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd:

Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd is a Chinese company that has been providing different types of building materials for a long time now. They have expertise in building steel structure house, prefab house, etc.

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Company Name: Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Sue
Phone: +86 13450800605
State: Guangdong
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Source: Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd Offers New Designs Prefab House And Light Steel Villa With Fabricated Materials

Monday, July 17, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Red Bull & Google Now Working with Rochelle L. Cook—The Soul’s Coach

Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT., is now a preferred provider on Red Bull & Google’s internal provider network, delivering executive coaching and performance enhancement programs.

All new clients start here—Are you Hypnotizable? Take the online test here.

Bloom FactorMs. Cook is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a celebrity clientele in Silicon Beach California. In June of 2017 she was accepted as provider of elite services to the executives of both Red Bull & Google USA. Ms. Cook delivers topflight proven performance-enhancing clinical hypnotherapeutic coaching over multiple sessions that deliver balance, creativity and enhanced executive performance.

Her process entails discussing future zones, engaging in discovery and delivering systematic training to deliver the desired results. Three and six month programs comprise of sessions, that include releasing and replacing unwanted negative behaviors and replacing them with new positive directions. Coupled with mindfulness practices, reading lists, counseling and stories that retrain the mind for clarity, focus and elite performance, executives and employees and the companies’ benefit.

Program Outcomes:

  • Self confidence, speaker empowerment in meetings and in front of groups
  • Ability to calmly collect thoughts and deliver thoughtful responses to questions in group settings
  • Amplified enjoyment and more frequent interaction and communication with others
  • Increased focus, enhanced creativity and insightful intuition
  • Stress and anxiety reduction


  • Spiritual Psychology
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy––Subconscious mental focus and concentration programming
  • Visualization & mindfulness practice

Ms. Cook is the author of “The Soul’s Coach—7 Paths to Healing Your Relationship” and a Workbook and Journal that provides a blueprint for the work. Here work has been featured in IN DEEP SHIFT with Jonas Elrod, on Oprah Winfrey’s OWNTV, on Voyage LA, radio stations, in documentaries and on YouTube, filming with @JacklynGlenn

Rochelle L. Cook MA., Ch.T., is one of the world’s most respected experts in clinical hypnotherapy and spiritual psychology, more information may be found here.

Media Contact
Company Name: Bloom Factor Inc.
Contact Person: Michael Glock Ph.D.
Phone: +1 (646) 397.7042
City: 4115 Glencoe Ave #105, Marina del Rey
State: CA
Country: United States

Source: Red Bull & Google Now Working with Rochelle L. Cook—The Soul’s Coach

Monday, July 3, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd offers designs, products & services to build a profitable water park

Guangzhou Trend Water Park Equipment Co,.Ltd is a company that offers a variety of services and products related to the construction of water amusement parks. The company caters to the demands of Europe, South America, Middle east, Australia, etc.

Recreational activities have reached new heights with regard to innovation and techniques associated with them. People enjoy and want to invest more in these kinds of places. Water amusement parks are one such kind of places that provide recreation to a vast majority of people belonging to various age groups. It is important to provide services that are safe and technology that is both advanced and affordable, so that people from all walks of life may be able to enjoy such recreational activities.

Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd is a company that provides equipment and services for the construction of water amusement parks. It was established in 1994 and it was the first company to offering one-stop service to clients, including water park investment planning, theme park design planning, landscape design, equipment manufacturing, projects constructing etc.

build a water park

The company offers products and services to build a water park. It deals with products such as waterslides, water house structures, wave pool equipments, drifting river machines, aqua play and flow rider with a  high quality that you can trust. These products are made of durable fiberglass and they are designed using the most advanced methods and techniques. They can also be customized as per the requirement of the customer and as per the limitations with regard to space and budget.

Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd have a lot of experience in design  water park project. They are of two types’ indoor parks and outdoor parks. As the name suggests, these projects are designed in accordance with the space available to the consumers. The company has built over 1000 water amusement parks in over 28 provinces of China and all around the world. Some of its projects include Pirate legend water worlds in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia Wuhai city hot spring Water Park, Arab emirates gulf water park, Cameroon Douala Water Park etc.

The company provides equipment and services to facilitate water park construction. The company has been providing its products and services for 23 years. It has gained a reputation for being reliable and providing quality products and services to it s customers across the world. We just built a Bangi Wonderland Water Park closed to National University of Malaysia.

The details and descriptions of all the products and services offered by the company are available on the company’s website. The company’s representatives are also available to clarify any doubts regarding the products.

About Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd

Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd is a company that provides equipment and services to construct water amusement parks. It was established in 1994 in China. To know more kindly visit their official website.

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Company Name: Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd
Contact Person: Simon
Phone: +86-13602226974
City: Guangzhou
State: Guangdong
Country: China

Source: Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd offers designs, products & services to build a profitable water park

Friday, June 30, 2017

Senmer News Wire: A wide variety of high quality egg incubators were manufactured and exported by Xinchang Global Co.,Ltd

Xinchang Global Co.,Ltd manufacture and supply quality egg incubators to both the domestic as well as the international clientele.

Egg incubators are specialized devices that simulate the correct humidity and incubation condition that is provided by a hen in similar situations. These devices are often used by farmers and other enthusiasts to hatch eggs when there is no hen to hatch the same.

Xinchang Global Co.,Ltd is a company based in China, located at the Dezhou City and is engaged in the research and development of farming and other machinery required in agriculture. They are also providers of quality controlled chicken egg incubator. The incubators on offer from this company are manufactured using state of the art technology and are equipped with modern E.C.U. This enables the user with the command over the minute details such as maintaining the humidity and temperature levels inside the chamber in a manner of decimals.egg incubator parts

Approximately 90% of the functions of the small egg incubator and other similar incubation devices offered by Xinchang Global Co.,Ltd is automated and comes equipped with simple yet functional operation methods with detailed electronic information display. This ensures that the organization doesn’t have to invest more in manpower than it should. The incubators enable the user to fine tuning and accurate setting of humidity, temperature, control as well as the flow of air inside the chamber by independently setting the speed of the fan. This is a feature that is absent in most of the industrial grade incubators on offer from other competitors. Even if the same is provided they wouldn’t be so pocket-friendly.

The after sales service of the company is satisfactory and the same has enabled the organization to establish a rapport with their clientele. They also offer 24×7 online chatting services that are available on their website. This caters to the everlasting queries of both prospective as well as existing customers. The company offers their services to their clients be it anywhere in the world with spare egg incubator parts and E.C.U units if necessary. This service is free for the machinery which is under the warranty period and comes at a pocket-friendly fee if the same is beyond warranty.

The small egg incubators on offer from the company are the most innovative in the market in the present scenario. These devices come pre-equipped with sensors and E.C.U’s that enable the device to automatically set both the temperature as well as the humidity content inside the chamber. Automatic turning of the eggs inside the incubator is controlled by high-performance servo motors and comes with the convenience of running the setup via DC power supply if there is a power outage.

About Xinchang Global Co.,Ltd

Xinchang Global Co.,Ltd is a poultry egg incubator manufacturing company that caters to both the industrial needs as well as enthusiastic needs of their clients. For further details, please refer to the official website of the company stated above.

Media Contact
Company Name: Xinchang Global Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Mr.Leon Zhao
Phone: +86 15288897123
State: Shandong Province
Country: China

Source: A wide variety of high quality egg incubators were manufactured and exported by Xinchang Global Co.,Ltd