Friday, October 20, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Hippo CMMS Announces V6 Release – Simple, Powerful and Mobile

Leading Provider of Maintenance Management Software Launches Version 6.0 with updated mobile tools, new design and features.

Oct. 11, 2017 (Winnipeg, Canada) – Hippo Facilities Management Technologies, a leader in Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) since 2001, reveals to the maintenance world the launch of their highly anticipated Version 6.0 (V6).

Hippo V6 is designed so that it maintains simplicity and user friendliness, but with more power under the hood and more accessibility. With the new release, users can enjoy the new user interface design, customizable dashboards, and a completely overhauled Hippo Mobile.

“Hippo is in a highly competitive but growing market. More and more facilities and maintenance operations are seeing the benefit of implementing a CMMS. Hippo has found its niche in providing maintenance management software that is user friendly, easy to implement and delivers a high ROI. With the release of our latest Version 6, we stuck to our guns, ensuring that any added features did not compromise the ease of use. This version continues with the philosophy of not intimidating less tech savvy users, increasing user adoption, and delivering the value to our customers”, says Hippo’s General Manager, Daniel Golub.
To date approximately 25% of Hippo’s 800 customers have migrated to the new version and all new customers are set up on the new platform.

Key highlights of Hippo CMMS’s Version 6 are;

• HTML5 code base – cross browser compatibility
• New design of user interface, making use of more icons, larger buttons, simpler design, easier navigation tools
• Single Sign On
• Managing parts, equipment, and requests from Hippo Mobile
• View floor plans and calendar from Hippo Mobile
• Bar/QR Code scanning feature
• Upload images and documents from Hippo Mobile
About Hippo Facilities Management Technologies, Inc.

Hippo is a fast-growing maintenance management software solutions provider established in 2001 with its headquarters in Winnipeg, Canada. Hippo currently has over 800 businesses and 45,000 active users with 80% onboarded in the last 4 years. Hippo CMMS caters to a broad array of industries; manufacturing, hotels, casinos, healthcare, colleges and campuses, K -12 schools, retail and more. 73% of Hippo’s customers are coming from the US, 25% from Canada, and the remaining outside North America. The company currently employs 20 full time employees and expects staff to double by 2019.

Media Contact
Company Name: Hippo CMMS
Contact Person: Daniel Golub (General Manager)
Phone: 18669562859
Address:214 McDermot Ave
City: Winnipeg
State: Manitoba
Country: Canada

Source: Hippo CMMS Announces V6 Release – Simple, Powerful and Mobile

Senmer News Wire: VOLOOM introduces Rootie The Rootlifter for everyday volume!

VOLOOM returns with its latest innovation, Rootie The Rootlifter, the smallest volumizing iron in their collection.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 10/19/2017 — VOLOOMTM, the heated iron company that revolutionized the hair industry with its patented Hair Volumizing Iron, has returned with its latest innovation, Rootie The Rootlifter, the smallest volumizing iron in the collection.

VOLOOM Rootie provides everyday volume for all hair lengths and types.  It is also the perfect choice for finer, thinner or shorter hair. With ceramic coated plates and a ¾ inch design, Rootie creates little pockets of volume close to the roots without leaving a clear texture in the hair, for natural-looking lift. And as a heated volumizing iron, Rootie heat-locks the volume into your hair, helping your volume last for days!

Rootie uses VOLOOM’s patented beveled “platforms” that create hidden volumizing structure in the under layers of the hair at the roots, lifting the top layers up and away from the scalp. By lifting and separating individual hairs, Rootie creates salon-style fullness in just minutes!

Additionally, Rootie adds natural volume to your hair without the use of heavy products that weigh down your hair.  By giving hair volume that lasts for days without mousses, gels or sprays, Rootie eliminates the need for over washing and over styling hair.

Real, natural-looking volume is just moments away with VOLOOM Rootie The Rootlifter. Rootie retails for $99.99 and will be available in October 2017 on both and

Media Contact
Company Name: absolute R relations
Contact Person: Mackenzie Maloney
Phone: 570-299-9190
Country: United States

Source: VOLOOM introduces Rootie The Rootlifter for everyday volume!

Senmer News Wire: Kennewick Cosmetic Dentist by Day, Necktie Designer by Night

In the daylight hours, Dr. Antonio Lopez-Ibarra runs Tri-City Dental Care in Kennewick, WA where he creates beautiful aesthetically pleasing smiles, as well taking care of all oral health care needs. However, after business hours, Dr. Lopez-Ibarra re-designs the tie industry with The Town + Co, a business that Dr. Lopez-Ibarra created with his nephew Noel Lopez.

The Town + Co is a business that started in July 2015 and has seen nothing but success ever since. Dr. Lopez-Ibarra and his nephew Noel first felt the spark for their company by observing returning missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After doing their research, they realized how important it was for people to show off a place that has a special place in their heart.  The elegance in the tie makes them a perfect accessory for a formal event where one could subtly show their love for their ‘Town’.  It was then that Dr. Lopez-Ibarra knew that he could revolutionize the tie industry.

The intricacies of choosing the right fabric for the look, feel, and quality is an extremely detailed process.  Dr. Lopez-Ibarra has a very detailed checklist that each fabric must meet before he will transform it into a beautifully crafted necktie. The same can be said for his dental practice. The intricacies of creating the perfect tie are the same for creating the perfect smile. The perfect smile requires an eye for design, high levels of precision and innovation, and most importantly, steady hands. Whether you are a customer or a patient, Dr. Lopez-Ibarra will design and create the perfect look for you that will leave you full of joy and pride.

Dr. Lopez-Ibarra is an expert when it comes to design.  His Cosmetic dentistry service focuses on designing the perfect smile for his patients, and it begins with a new patient exam. His goal is to create the perfect smile for every man, woman, and child that is interested in changing the appearance of their teeth. Perfecting your smile requires an eye for design and aesthetics. Dr. Lopez-Ibarra has mastered the intricacies of design and knows the best way to create a smile that you are proud of.

For Dr. Lopez-Ibarra, the same artistic vision and passion are applied when creating new ties.  He recently expanded his tie business to feature designs from Washington, Utah, and other states. Each tie that he designs offers a fresh look and feel and captures a unique icon of the state or country perfectly. For example, Texas is known as the “lone-star state”. The Texas tie features a simple yet elegant design. Red white and blue stripes on a rich black tie, with a star in the bottom corner of the tie. Just by looking at the photograph, you can tell that the tie is of the highest quality. The Italy Tie is another example of the quality and innovation that Dr. Lopez-Ibarra puts into each tie. The Italy tie features the Colosseum, one of the most famous landmarks in Italy. The tie also features red and white stripes on a green background, perfectly capturing the culture of Italy. No matter what country or state that Dr. Lopez-Ibarra and his nephew Noel Lopez create next, they will instill pride and quality with every creation. The quality of these ties is second to none, and the craftsmanship cannot be beaten. Dr. Lopez-Ibarra has gone through several manufacturers before he found one that met his standard of quality craftsmanship. Each tie is created with the highest quality fabric, a fresh and innovative design, and goes through several quality controls, and intense scrutiny before being offered by The Town + Co.

Media Contact
Company Name: Tri City Dental Care
Contact Person: Dr. Antonio Lopez-Ibarra
Phone: 509-579-0759
Address: 3711 Plaza Way, Ste 120
City: Kennewick
State: WA
Country: United States

Source: Kennewick Cosmetic Dentist by Day, Necktie Designer by Night

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Leading Fence Installation West Palm Beach Company Launches New Website for Palm Beach Residents

A reliable Fence Installation in West Palm Beach firm, the Fence Builders West Palm Beach that is considered as one of best fence installers in Florida has launched a new website to serve Palm Beach residents better.

Fence Builders West Palm Beach aims to be known as the most reliable fence installation company in West Palm Beach. Their technicians make sure that they deliver their client’s requirements on schedule. Matthew Buckley only has high praises for the company and has even given his five-star seal of approval. He said, “Fence Builders is a great fence installation company. We have used them in many cities and will always look for them when we need fencing to be installed for our rental properties. Our own fence fell down in Irma and their team came out the same week to do a quick estimate of the damage. They have given us our options and when everything else was agreed, they immediately started to do the work. They are really reliable and I would highly recommend their services to anybody who needs fencing installation to be done.”

This Fence Installation West Palm Beach company recently launched their company’s website so that West Palm Beach residents and neighboring communities can immediately reach out to them for their fence installation needs. With the website, new and regular customers can see the various services the fence installation company offers. If a customer is on a budget and would first want to inquire how much a fence installation will cost, they can fill out the request for a quote on the online form and they will get an estimate for free! Fence Builders West Palm Beach had their customers in mind when they built their website because they want to bring convenience and accessibility to their customers.

Fence Builders West Palm Beach wants fence installation to be a breeze for their customers. Once they are hired to do a project – be it residential or commercial – the company’s technicians make sure that everything will go smoothly. Fence Builders install fences as per the code standards and they can even acquire a permit, if necessary. This is because the company is committed to providing a service that is worthy of a five-star rating!

Fence Builders West Palm Beach is located at 201 E 24th ST in West Palm Beach, Florida. They can be reached by phone at (561)220-2840, by email at, or from their website at Fence Builders West Palm Beach provides professional fencing solutions for both residential and commercial properties at an affordable price.

Media Contact
Company Name: Fence Builders West Palm Beach
Contact Person: Matt
Phone: (561)220-2840
Address: 201 E 24th ST
City: West Palm Beach
State: Florida
Country: United States

Source: Leading Fence Installation West Palm Beach Company Launches New Website for Palm Beach Residents

Senmer News Wire: The Davos Dream Comes True for Sibtein Alibhai Asaria

The Inaugural Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit Ends in a Success

Davos, Switzerland: The foundational summit of Khoja Business Leaders ended on a positive note, as business leaders and entrepreneurs participated whole-heartedly, thereby making it a landmark and historical event.

The attendees included industrialists and billionaires who willingly participated in this noble cause and pledged to approach philanthropy in a new way. During the summit the Khoja Business Leaders signed a Khoja Davos Accord, where they promised to provide more solid grounds to the philanthropic ideas in the future.

Sibtein Alibhai Asaria’s philanthropic dreams took a very meaningful step during the summit as talks regarding the creation of a Khoja Wealth Fund obtained significant ground. What makes the summit a phenomenal success is that all the business leaders, entrepreneurs and social influencers, present at the event, took their oath seriously to take concrete action to make a real difference.


In order to raise more awareness the community leaders including entrepreneur and philanthropist Sibtein Alibhai Asaria has partnered with Global Sustainability Network to adopt United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on increasing economic productivity; ending forced labour, slavery and trafficking; and to protect labour rights.

About Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit:

The Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit has been born out of the idea of connecting our global entrepreneurs, philanthropists and highest achievers worldwide.

We believe that by bringing about this greater co-operation we can achieve collective, united, effective efforts for the greater good that will benefit both the Khoja Community as well as Humanity at large.

Media Contact
Company Name: Grupo Alfa Corporation
Contact Person: Kiran Sagar
Phone: +971 561162972
Address: Centro Comercial Plaza Heredia Segundo Piso, P.O. Box 384-3000
City: Heredia
Country: Costa Rica

Source: The Davos Dream Comes True for Sibtein Alibhai Asaria