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Cryptocurrency for Fun Educates the Public about the Growth of Cryptocurrency

Melbourne, AU – Cryptocurrency has become all the rage recently as society becomes more and more digitally orientated.It is the money system of the future, taking place entirely online without a third-party regulator. However, cryptocurrency is a complicated system that, although useful, is often confusing. Many people struggle to understand exactly what cryptocurrency is, what it does, and how to use it. This struggle prevents many people from using cryptocurrency to its full extent, making them miss out on great financial opportunities. Therefore, sites like Cryptocurrency for Funare vital for people in modern society, with their extensive information about this new form of money.

Since the inception of bitcoin, one popular form of cryptocurrency, in 2009, the value of it has risen exponentially. One bitcoin is now worth just over 22,000 dollars. This is a market that could provide great assets for those who choose to invest in it. There are immeasurable amounts of untapped potential in this market just waiting for investors to discover. However, investing in cryptocurrency must be done with care. It is important to do research from a trusted source such as Cryptocurrency for Fun rather than to just invest blindly and hope for the best.

Cryptocurrency for Fun is a website dedicated to educating the public about everything they could possibly need to know about cryptocurrency. It features sections on the different types of coins, mining, and exchanges so that all facets of this remarkable money system are represented. The website includes thorough reviews as well as a link to sign up, so interested users can directly utilize these products and services.

Readers have spoken quite highly about the plethora of information on the website, which can be found through this link: Whether users are looking to break into the cryptocurrency market for the first time or are experienced cryptocurrency users looking for other options to expand their portfolios, Cryptocurrency for Fun will be able to help them achieve their goals.

Cryptocurrency may seem overwhelming at first, but websites like Cryptocurrency for Fun instantly break it down and make it much easier to understand for those who are new to the online money system. However, regardless of the amount of experience one has with cryptocurrency, it is always helpful to learn more and keep up to date with this rapidly changing market. Frequently checking out websites like Cryptocurrency for Fun is a smart way to feel confident about one’s online investment decisions.

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Popular Cooking Blog Solid Gold Eats Makes Cooking Easy

Indianapolis, IN – For people lacking experience in the kitchen, cooking can be complicated, to say the least. The planning, the preparation, sorting out the ingredients, and the numerous trips to the grocery store can be exhausting. For college students, young adults, and anyone who is trying their hand at cooking, it can be quite overwhelmingandcaneasily send anyone screaming and crying back to the ramen noodle and easy mac aisle. Thankfully, the cooking blog Solid Gold Eats is available to help those on their quest of learning to cook. Whether readers are looking for inspiring new recipes, or testing out their creative culinary skills, Solid Gold Eats has simple and accessible solutions.

Bhavna Verma, the founder of Solid Gold Eats, not only offers new and quirky recipes, but also gives advice on canning and preserving practices. The blog also provides cooking product reviews, the most recent of which is the Copper Chef review. Any fans of Copper Chef will be delighted to discover that Verma consistently creates various food creations using her Copper Chef pans. Readers who are fans of Bunn coffee makers can also follow the blog, where Verma demonstrates the multiple uses and recipes that can be made using a Bunn coffee machine. In addition to recipes and reviews, Solid Gold Eats also provides pro tips on maintaining cooking appliances.

There is something for everyone on Solid Gold Eats. Verma has recipes on appetizers and party food, breads, canning and preserving, chili, cups of soup, desserts, drinks, main dishes, grilled dishes, holiday dishes, ice cream and frozen treats. She also offers additional recipes for the KitchenAid food grinder, pizza, recipes made with beer, salads, sandwiches, Sous Vide, and slow cooker recipes.

Verma believes in eating to the beat of one’s own drum and that is very apparent when it comes to her quirky recipes that she has developed over the years. Recently, she was featured on Buzzfeed for creating a Cheetos Crusted Chicken and was also featured in The Huffington Post for creating a Sausage, Kale and Potato Soup.

Beyond helping readers in the kitchen to improve on their culinary skills, Verma is constantly helping various causes that go towards feeding others around the world.

For more information, recipes, and culinary tips made easy for the layperson, readers can find all the resources they need at Solid Gold Eats.

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City: Indianapolis
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Country: United States

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Howard Needle Garners Title for 7th Year Running as the Biggest Producer of Rehab Marketing Calls

Miami Beach, FL – When it comes to drug addiction, the first thing that comes to people’s minds are hard, illicit drugs.The last thing they think about is addiction to prescription medications like opioids. The current opioid epidemic has affected thousands of people of various backgrounds from across the United States. There are many common misconceptions about drug addiction and rehabilitation facilities. However, with the help of Howard Needle’s Alternative Solutions Media, it is easier for rehabilitation centers to provide information about drug addiction and the various forms of treatment available.

Howard Needle’s Alternative Media Solutions has become one of the premier sources that rehabilitation centers seek when looking to advertise and reach out to those in need. This groundbreaking company helps their clients with corporate branding, direct response national pay-per-call lead programs, and lead generation. In addition to these differentiating services, the company makes sure to offer some of the most competitive pricing in the United States.

This company has been paving the way in rehab center radio and television advertising for over 7 years. The company gets its name from its founder, Howard Needle, who is the driving force behind one of the largest generators of rehab marketing calls. The reason behind Alternative Solutions Media is simple. Howard Needle wants to provide a simple way for rehabilitation centers to connect with those who need help by promoting their services through their television and radio advertising.

What makes Howard Needle’s Alternative Media Solutions different from other rehabilitation advertising companies is that they are sympathetic to those dealing with addiction. Needle acknowledges the fact that the people who seek treatment are not mere dollar signs or insurance policies, but real people who are struggling with addictions.

The dedicated and caring team at Alternative Media Solutions works hard to ensure that customers are branded and represented correctly and efficiently. Needle and his staff work to make sure that the spirit of care and hope can be felt through their work. In addition to marketing calls and corporate branding, Alternative Media Solutions also offers digital branding as well, including social media marketing campaigns. This is beneficial to new or potential customers because it ensures that their message reaches larger audiences across various forums.

With the help of Howard Needle’s Alternative Media Solutions, which has earned the title of being the premier provider of marketing calls for the seventh year in a row, rehabilitation centers can expect successful patient outreach.

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Company Name: Howard Needle’s Alternative Solutions Media
Contact Person: Howard Needle
Phone: 5612812020
City: Miami Beach
State: Florida 33109
Country: United States

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Smallrig will build an ecosystem of photographic products in 2018

The company is looking for qualified resellers now.

SmallRig was established in 2007 in Shenzhen China by one of the co-founders who is passionate about shooting. He is committed to seeking the best solution to resolve problems occurred in real world shooting. SmallRig is dedicated to designing & producing professional quality, and affordable compact and flexible rigs for photographers and film-makers.

SmallRig products cover the whole gamut from cages to shoulder support, tripod systems, and a large catalogue of unique components to help end-users build the rig of their dreams. A number of SmallRig products go through an extensive co-design program with professional photographers and film-makers the world over, to ensure we make the items that users need.

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During past 10 years SmallRig has set up a worldwide distribution system. Business has spread to North America, Europe, Oceanica, the Middle East, South America and South Asia, and is still growing substantially every year.

In 2017 SmallRig is expanding sales network and offering more camera accessories, more competitive pricing for our resellers, to build a more comprehensive and profitable branding.

In 2018, SmallRig will start working with distributors on exclusive products, which will be labeled as both SmallRig and the distributor, and not be sold to other channels.

SmallRig will also start sourcing and upgrading existing products in the market, so resellers can have more choices of best sellers.

Join SmallRig, get access to 300+ customized camera accessory best sellers.


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Company Name: SmallRig
Contact Person: Kamila Guo, Overseas Marketing Director
Phone: +86 18610928011
Country: China

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Revolutionary Diaper + System Monitors Temperature Change Instead of Moisture

Taipei, Taiwan – 16 Dec, 2017 – Diaper + Marketing Manager, Kevin Wu, announced that the company will soon be launching an Indiegogo campaign for its unique new remote urine sensor for baby and adult diapers. The device identifies temperature changes rather than moisture levels to keep loved ones dry and prevent skin problems.

“New parents and those caring for elder relatives have enough problems,” said Wu. “Diaper + lets you know – clearly and accurately – when a diaper needs to be changed and does it unobtrusively.”

Diaper + seeks to raise $10,000 to fund the project. Safe and comfortable, Diaper + is a complete detection and monitoring system that senses changes in temperature to alert caregivers when a diaper has been soiled. Available in three colors, it’s comparable to the size of a quarter and batteries in the sensor last for four months with 24-hour use.

The unique sensor is placed on the outside of the diaper with double-sided adhesive tape to eliminate irritation to delicate skin. The device is about the size of a quarter and was specifically developed to be too large to be a choking hazard.

The Diaper + smart sensor connects wirelessly with a phone app via Bluetooth technology. The device utilizes a proprietary model that interprets data to immediately notify caregivers when a loved one’s diaper requires changing.

If a child or elderly relative is left in the care of another, the sensor can be linked to that of the caregiver and others via the app to receive every notification that the caregiver does to ensure loved ones are receiving the level of quality care they deserve.

The app includes a tracking system that records each time the individual urinates, when the diaper was checked, and when it was changed. It’s also an easy way for individuals to keep track of their diaper supply.

Checking a child’s diaper can be inconvenient and monitoring the diaper of an elderly adult robs them of their dignity. If they’re asleep, checking for wetness disturbs their slumber. Simply wearing a diaper represents a loss of self-esteem for adults. Rashes, cracked skin and infections are significant problems that the Diaper + system alleviates.

Currently available in English, traditional Chinese and simple Chinese, the Android app is on the market and the iOS app will be released in Dec. 2017 or Jan. 2018. Diaper + is safer and more effective than traditional monitors, providing a superior level of care that keeps loved ones dry and saves money by eliminating unnecessary diaper changes.

Official Website:


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About Diaper+

Diaper+ is focused on simple, affordable and easy-to-use devices that make life happier, healthier, and more comfortable for diaper wearers, parents and caregivers. Diaper+ is the product of years of effort and research. It is a team effort, a collaborative project that draws upon the strengths of academia and industry in Taiwan. Taiwan’s National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, provided technical advice on human factor devices, Edwin Wu and EzTransducer Technology handled product R&D and app design, Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management assisted with algorithm construction, China University of Science and Technology contributed system integration services, Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology then provided clinical testing, and Kevin Wu and Ching Chun Technology were responsible for brand marketing.

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