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Social Media Influencers Partner with Top Public Relations Firm

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Emerging and established social media influencers are turning to Beverly Hills’ number one fashion PR agency to take their celebrity status to the next level!
BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 28, 2016 – Named as one of the top 10 PR firms in the world, Couture Public Relations has been the most sought after PR firm for fashion designers since its launch in 2013. Couture Public Relations continues to work with well-established designers as well as emerging designers to successfully connect them with the industry’s most prominent photographers, editors, stylists, bloggers, and celebrities. Most recently, Couture Public Relations began to represent social media influencers to expand their potential for growth in the competitive fashion industry.
As a leading fashion PR agency with the industry’s top-notch experts, Couture Public Relations has assembled an unparalleled public relations tactic. The firm not only uses traditional methods, but also developed innovative strategies to pitch their clients in the fashion and entertainment communities.
One of their favorite quotes states, “Being accessible makes you indispensable.” By working closely with every client, Couture Public Relations brings each clients’ brand to national, regional and local recognition. They are dedicated to increasing interest among audiences as well as increasing their clients’ profits by using their sharp skills to polish their clients’ brand images. With their expansive industry contacts as leverage, Couture Public Relations continues to place their clients in mainstream publications such as, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, and more.
As a new initiative, Couture Public Relations has decided to represent a newly emerging category in the fashion industry that has been steadily growing in recent years: social media influencers. One of the first social media influencers to work with Couture Public Relations is international blogger and Instagram maven, Sophie Mae.
According to company’s spokesperson Tiffany Pierce, “Representing social media influencers is a natural progression for our agency. By doing so, we’re providing additional media opportunities to substantially increase our clients’ notoriety.”
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About Couture Public Relations:
Couture Public Relations is a distinguished fashion public relations agency based in Beverly Hills, CA. The firm represents both emerging and established influencers in fashion, beauty, accessories and lifestyle interested in increasing their brand awareness. With their skillful expertise and extensive contacts within the industry, Couture Public Relations connects their clients to the most sought-after brands, editors, and celebrities. Provides Latest Employment News Related to Various Sectors

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 It is true that people dream of landing in their dream job as soon as they step out of their college to enjoy a well settled life. However, getting a good job is not an easy task as some might prefer to land in a stable government job while some would love to take up a challenging role in private sector. Those who have a strong accounting background would prefer to opt for a banking job to put their skills to work. Unemployed people would agree that searching for the latest jobs available is a tedious task as it might take most of their time if they travel from one office to another in search of a job opportunity.
To get all the latest news about employment, it is important for them to choose a best online job portal which has wide range of job requirements in different segments. This is where the site of comes in. This site is flooded with details of several job positions available in government sector, banks and other private concerns in order to help the potential job seeker find the right one that would cater to his qualifications and skills. This site specializes in listing out the latest employment news along with the complete details of every job position to educate the job seeker about the role, the employer requirements and the years of experience plus the salary to help him choose his career wisely.
When one checks out the site of, he or she would find that it has been updated each day with job requirements of state government, central government, public sector undertakings, cut off mark lists, exam results and details of opportunities by many recruitment bodies such as SSC, UPSC recruitment and details of the entrance exams of various states. In addition, one can also find job opportunities at some of the top national and private banks in India like State Bank of India, IBPS, Bank of Baroda and so on. The site would also provide helpful details such as how many job posts are available within each bank, what types of job posts are available, details of application, online application and its last date. It would also mention the eligibility criteria, educational qualification required and the cost of application.
One would be very happy to know about the govt jobs 2016 available at this site. This dedicated section provide the job seekers full details about the job opportunities prevailing in the government sector and has helped several students to prepare for the examinations conducted by the Central Government at the earliest. One can also find the requirements for various posts in CRPF and vacancies available at LIC this year.
About is an online job portal that has been successful in offering latest employment details and news to several aspiring job seekers to help them find a perfect job with better pay scale. This has made this site a favorite among the students and job hunters.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

CTS Technology Ltd is a Reputed Manufacturer of Counter-Terrorism Security Equipment

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CTS Technology since 2001 has exclusively focused on developing a range of innovative electronic security devices including RF jammers, anti-drone systems jammers, and jammers for RCIEDs (radio-controlled improvised explosive devices)
Ever since rapid strides were made in developing equipment that helped governments around the world to carry out undercover work with greater efficiency  without getting detected, earnest attempts have been made to design devices that’d thwart or jam such spying devices. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) known as ‘drones’ in common parlance, have been used extensively since the last few decades for spying on enemy territory.
These UAVs are adept in intelligence work photographing entire areas discreetly and guiding the dropping of radio-controlled improvised explosive devices that can wreck great havoc and destruction. CTS Technology is a well-entrenched organization that has been wholeheartedly engaged in manufacturing a range of electronic counter-terrorism systems that invalidate and/or deactivate the circuits of UAVs, RCIEDs, cellular phones, and so on.

It’s been nearly sixteen years that CTS has been devoted to innovating and developing a wide array of jamming systems. These jammers are effective in thwarting the action of enemy war vehicles, remote-controlled bombs and explosive devices, cellphones, and other gadgets using radio frequencies for conducting intelligence or spying work. Presently, CTS Technology develops drone-jammer, convoy protection jammers, radio frequency jammers, handheld jammers, bomb jammers, stationary jammers, prison jammers, embassy jammers, and so on. These jamming devices come in extremely handy for safeguarding troops or convoys while they’re transported from one place to another in airplanes, jeeps, trains or ships.
Additionally, these digital security devices are also useful in protecting police or military checkpoints, government offices and buildings, VIP convoys, entourages, bomb disposal squads, and so on. The technology corporation manufactures jamming system that interferes with and neutralizes the functioning of spy planes and drones, enemy vehicles, and cellphones thereby preventing the user from misusing these devices. These devices and gadgets find widespread applications in prisons, government establishments, parliaments, secretariats, airports, embassies, cantonments, nuclear power plants, military buildings and installations, municipal facilities, army checkpoints, air-force bases, and detention centers. The enterprise owns and administers a series of demonstration facilities where middlemen and agents of these security devices demonstrate the capability of the same to end-users who are usually government officials.
These brokers via on- the-spot presentations and demonstrations of anti-drone systems and convoy protection jammers convince the different government clients and customers of their efficiency. The purchaser can be rest assured that the equipments for which he or his department is placing an order are OEM gadgets that can be bought solely through the CTS reseller channel. The items for which maximum orders are received are New Drone Quadcopter RC Drone Jammer 2.4GHz 5GHz GPS 260 W up to 1500m; prison jamming system, drones jamming system-500w portable 433 Mhz/2.4G/5.8G/GPS jammers, and GSM 3G 315MHz 433 MHz blocker home alarm system jammer.
About CTS Technology Co. Ltd
CTS Technology Co. Ltd ( is based in Shenzhen City in China and is a forefront manufacturing of an extensive array of anti-terrorist security systems and UAV jamming equipments.

Ticket Process Offers UFC 200 Tickets at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

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UFC 200 will be at T-Mobile in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 9, 2016. TicketProcess is now offering UFC 200 tickets for Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones II & Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar II.
UFC 200 is going to be the biggest single event in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, come hell or high water. Both cataclysmic events have arguably happened recently as the stage is set for a bonkers event that will unfold in Las Vegas on the evening of Saturday, July 9. All mixed martial arts fans can find cheap UFC 200 tickets now at
UFC president Dana White moved quickly to ensure that their fight franchise will still be able to stage an amazing show in the desert come mid-summer. Thus, the news was recently announced that the official fight card will be headlined by a Featherweight bout between José Aldo and Frankie Edgar. As of now, McGregor will face the winner. But recent rumblings mean the card may be reconstructed soon. All fans can find the most current info now at
Misha Tate will take on Amanda Nuñes for the Women’s Bantamweight Championship, and heavyweights Cain Velasquez and Travis Brown will be throwing hands on the main card as well. highly encourages any UFC fans truly interested in attending their most monumental and important event of all time to visit their online exchange now.
About has been a secondary ticket exchange for both brokers and consumers for some time now. By offering a large selection of inventory to an array of the most exclusive sports, live concerts, theater events and other live entertainment, they have established their place as a reputable source of quality, guaranteed tickets for fans around the United States and beyond.
Seven-days-a-week customer service combined with a 100% satisfaction guarantee has proved to be a simple yet effective strategy for the constantly growing online secondary ticket market. All fans of live entertainment are openly welcome to visit the easily accessible site and purchase their tickets with the confidence that comes with a proven track record.
* is not associated or otherwise connected in any form with the college or professional organizations, teams, UFC 200s, bands or other performers featured on this site.
Additionally, has no affiliation with any of the T-Mobiles listed on the site. Names and titles used in this press release are solely for descriptive purposes and do not imply, suggest or indicate that any type of endorsement or partnership is in place.

Financial Experts Speak on How Houston is Surviving the Oil Crisis

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Houston is well known as the city that runs on oil. For decades now, the city has led the way in oil production with a diverse number of companies dealing in oil-related products and services. The collapse of the drilling market has effectively slowed local job rates to a crawl. Worldwide, it is reported that over 200,000 jobs have been lost due to the slump in oil prices. Even large global conglomerates such as Haliburton and Schlumberger have cut thousands of jobs in the last 15 months.
With crude oil now hovering around $45 per barrel, many workers have been laid off and jobs for ex-oil workers are hard to come by. This has affected families at a very basic level. Imagine a 2-income family where one person was employed in the oil industry and earning $60k per year. Now suddenly that income is reduced to whatever unemployment income the worker qualifies for, often under $20k per year.
While there are many things contributing to the slump in the nation’s oil prices, many point to the Iranian nuclear agreement, which allows Iran to once again do business in global oil markets, as a major factor. The Iranians are believed to have a significant amount of oil in floating storage with new barrels coming from renovated oil fields. With so much speculation about Iran’s oil, CNN is now reporting that Iran is moving forward to begin producing up to a million barrels of oil per day, which could lower oil prices even further.
A new article in Texas Monthly demonstrates the power oil has to either make or break Houston. The article states that even Houston’s real estate market is being affected by the slump in pricing. Many large real estate developers have fallen into a wait-and-see outlook, which has resulted in lay-offs for construction workers as well. As the income of families is being significantly reduced, homeowners simply can’t pay the mortgage anymore. All this comes on the heels of a housing market that was still in recovery from the 2008 recession.
Optimistic reports say that Houston has endured much worse and will make a strong comeback in the near future. According to a new report from Bauer College of Business, the Houston economy has not bounced back as quickly as some experts originally predicted. During the fracking boom, the local economy added approximately 100,000 new jobs each year, which was way above the national average. Then the price of oil collapsed and left countless thousands looking for new jobs or hoping for a quick recovery.
Local investment advisor and insurance professional, Troy Sharpe, CFP®, at Oak Harvest Financial Group in Houston comments: “Every week, new people walk into the office looking for some sort of resolution to their personal money situation. Friends and neighbors alike are now experiencing challenges in paying their mortgages, car payment and other important expenses. Though our firm does specialize in retirement planning, we’ve tried to help people struggling by offering advice on budgeting, income planning investments and annuities. We also work with qualified estate planning attorneys to help individuals with concerns regarding their estates. In these situations, people sometimes ask about cashing out their 401k. Though accessing all that money just sitting there can seem like an enticing idea, the penalties are often substantial.
“For instance, if an individual under the age of 59 ½ has $50,000 in a 401k and they decide to cash it in, they will incur a 10% early withdrawal penalty, plus they will owe taxes on the money. After the dust settles, the individual will only be left with about $35,000. In addition, they will also lose the earnings the money might have produced. In our opinion, a better strategy would be to borrow from savings or take a home equity loan before you would consider borrowing against the 401k.” Borrowing from your retirement account should be the absolute last resort.
Sharpe comments, “Houston historically is a strong community that bounces back quickly. Even after the 2007-2008 financial crisis, the city’s housing market recovered within 24 months. The job market recovered faster than other regions as well. The city is known for its ability to rebound quickly regardless of the calamity.”
Oak Harvest Financial Group has offices around the Houston area. Mr. Sharpe is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Registered Financial Consultant®. As president of Oak Harvest Financial Group, he hosts a radio show on KTRH 740am called, “The Retirement Income Show” on Saturday evenings at 6pm.
For more information, please call 281-822-1350 or visit the website:

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Exportimes presents its unique portal offering details about businesses from China

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Exportimes serves as a single stop portal that offers details about companies that are doing business or are involved in the process of manufacturing from China. The database connects the buyers and sellers and creates a reliable source for carrying out business.
China has emerged to be a dominant force when it comes to doing business or carrying out manufacturing of any nature. Almost every country in the world is currently doing business with China on a regular basis. There are a number of companies that are looking forward to get connected with some of the reliable brands operating within China. However, there are multiple reasons that limits their ability to get the best possible source when it comes to connecting with the right companies for their requirements. Hence, in order to solve this problem and offer a unique platform that connects buyers and sellers of China with the world and within, Exportimes has come up with its online portal. The portal is free to use and offers both the buyers and the suppliers an opportunity to connect.
Exportimes presents its unique portal offering details about businesses from China
In order to use the website, both the buyer and the seller can register for free and provide their company or trade details. Once registered on the portal, they will be listed among the other businesses in the relevant categories. Each listing is verified and checked before being featured on the website. This makes it a credible source for referral. Besides merely publishing company details, the registrants have the option of listing their products on the website. Interested buyers would only need to browse from the range of products and send an enquiry. This will directly connect the buyer to the seller and hence the business transaction can be completed.
To make it convenient for the visitors to use the website, the portal has been designed in a very convenient manner. At the top one can find the option for joining and registering free on the website. Below that there is a big search bar which could be used to search for any specific inquiries which the customer might be looking for. It could be either a China manufacturer, Chinese products or services provider. To make it a lot easier, the left side offers a further categorization of the listed companies based on their industries. Clicking on any of the industries would list down the specific China suppliers or service providers. In case this is not all, the option to post a request can be used to send a specific inquiry and the website representatives will take care of connecting the right suppliers with the concerned buyer or seller.
About Exportimes
Exportimes is a one stop portal that offers a unique platform for connecting the buyers and sellers from China with the other businesses from across the world. It has a huge database for both companies and products from China.

AOBOTE Bearing is a reputed distributor of leading ball bearing brands

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AOBOTE Bearing is a Chinese distributor of world’s most renowned ball-bearing brands including SKF, FAG, KOYO, NACHI, TIMKEN and INA to name a few.
Ball bearings find applications and uses wherever there is a need to support or balance axial or radial loads. This the ball-bearings make possible by minimizing rotational or gyratory friction. Ball bearings are used in industries and equipment including but not limited to automotive, industrial drives, compressors, generators, motors, construction, industrial fans, machine tools, packaging machinery, environmental safeguard equipment, and iron and steel industry. There are many types of industrial bearings that are used across a sweeping range of commercial sectors. The ball bearings that are in use can be classified under the broad categories of deep groove ball bearings, pillow block bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, spherical plain bearings, tapered roller-bearings, angular contact ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings.     
AOBOTE Bearing is a frontline dealer and distributor of almost all world-class brands of ball-bearing like FAG, Timken, NTN, NSK, IKO, NACHI, Koyo, INA, and SKF bearing. Manufacturers of these brands of bearings design these products keeping the needs and preferences of the end-users in mind. The ball bearings are manufactured by strictly adhering to the design specifications and are made to go through multiple quality control checks before they’re certified for sale. For instance, the FAG Bearing QJ212 finds widespread applications in the rolling bearing business where the product offers comprehensive technical support and excellent service. This bearing finds extensive use in the packaging industry (packaging machinery), environmental-safeguard appliances, engineering machinery, cement industry, paper and wood pulp industry, steel processing industry, metal cutting industry, and aerospace industry to name a few.
AOBOTE Bearing is a reputed distributor of leading ball bearing brands
SKF bearing, FAG bearing and NSK bearing are used in engineering machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation automobiles, internal combustion engines, electrical and household appliances, instruments and meters, and transmission equipment. Any individual or institution placing an order for bearings on AOBOTE’s site can take it granted that OEM products will be supplied that are of unquestionable quality. Also, the end-user can expect the products to perform much beyond their expectations. Most importantly, one can also anticipate prices that are amongst the most competitive that cannot be matched by any other distributor or dealer. AOBOTE has more than 3 decades of experience in dealing with ball-bearings and is the approved distributor of nearly all top-notch brands. The company makes earnest attempts to list almost all products of the companies it deals with. However, if any particular client is looking for an item that has not been listed on the company portal, then it can get in touch with the dealer with all the details via an email.
Some products for which the customers place an order may not be available. In such a scenario, the company will try to deliver the same within 2-3 days as soon as fresh stocks are available.
About Aobote Bearing Co., Ltd (HongKong)
AOBOTE Bearing is a distributing company with its registered office in Hong Kong that deals and trades in a multiple range of ball-bearings manufactured by some of the world’s most renowned entities.

Sanmen Classic Power manufactures a range of road safety products

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Classic power is specialized in designing and manufacturing highest performing products for road safety. All its products are quality certified.
The occurrence of death and injuries on the road can be easily avoided with the adoption of various road safety solutions. These mainly include installation of wide range of products that guarantee effective road safety through checking and regulating the speed of the vehicles. There are many firms that supply superior quality of road safety products which are useful in tackling and curbing the speed of the vehicles to reduce the scope of accidents.
Power Classic is one such firm which is committed to provide the most efficient products for road safety. All its products are compliant with the relevant standards and specification guidelines. It is also capable of supplying customized products as per the specifications and needs of the clients.
 rubber speed humps
Its rubber speed humps arrive with good damping capacity and compression strength. They are resistant to all weather, UV light and oils. They can be easily installed with basic tools without causing any damage to the vehicles. They reduce the noise of at the time of slowing down to the speed of the vehicle to a standard level. These products are made of recycled rubber, PVC or PU material and comprise of black and yellow units which are highly visible to drivers. Apart from checking the speed of vehicles, they can also be used for making easy walkways for people on the streets. They can be fitted on the road crossing, schools, parking lots etc.
The wheel stop of this manufacturing company is made of recycled, durable and high tensile rubber to fix the vehicles in right parking positions. They come with good malleability along with high resistance pressure capacity. These are manufactured using matured technology that prevents fading of the products. They can be easily fixed by screws or bolts and never mover when hit by vehicles. They never damage the vehicle as they are made of rubber and on the contrary stop the motion of the wheel of the vehicle significantly. They are normally used in parking lots and garages.
The traffic barriers manufactured by the company arrive in four different types which are used for stopping or dividing the road. They are important for any maintenance work that is being undertaken for the improvement of the road. The firm ensures timely delivery of its products in good condition. Its customer service unit is always ready to answer the questions of the clients who are looking for optimal solutions. The firm has also gained recognition for its superior quality reflective vests, convex mirrors, warning bollards and so on.
About Sanmen Classic Power
Sanmen Classic power is a China based firm which was established in the year of 1998. It is specialized in manufacturing various road safety products and delivers them within fixed period.

Passfeed Offers Local Guiding Advices And Booking Hotels Service For Travel Enthusiasts

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Any social app today has the feature for making instant messaging possible. That is the same thing with Passfeed. It has for a long time now helped many people to chat with their friends by sending the instant messages at any moment. The instant messaging is streamlined to make sure that the users get to interact with each other without any flaws. The same thing can be said for the chat interface design. An easy to use interface makes it easy to access the different parts of the app quite fast.
Do you like going to some new and exotic places in the city? Now, you can booking your flight tickets, hotels and even attraction tickets on Passfeed. Moreover, Passfeed can offer you local guiding advice and kinds of proper recommendations. You can document your travel to these different places using accurate location based settings. You can always get to invite someone still from Passfeed to be your travel mate. All you need to do is convince your Passfeed friends that you are going to visit some amazing place. It is possible that you will get someone who is willing to take on the challenge. Just ensure that the place you pick is amazing and has a lot to offer. You will want to feel happy about the trip and also entertain your Passfeed travel mate.
Passfeed still gets to engage its users by using the feed feature. This feature allows the users to share their life moments with other Passfeed users. According to your Tags, interests  and hobbies, recommended feeds would show up in Explore. It’s certain that popular tags would be listed in Explore and it can tell you what’s the fashion now. You could be having a great time at work, you simply take a photo and share it on Passfeed. You will get to see how many people like the photo and talk about it. You will simply be making a timeline about your life. Showing your life to the whole world is a great way of ensuring that you get more friends who like your ideas.
a social app should cost a small fee
Passfeed should be the first social app that you use to check out a number of new movies, books, and music. This is all based on the Discover feature incorporated on the app. The feature will help you get to learn about what other people are watching such as the latest movies and latest music videos. Being in the know about the latest movies should help you get to keep up with the every changing movies.
The application is free not as some people would think that a social app should cost a small fee. You will get to interact with many people from your area without having to pay for it. You can still change the location settings to include people from other cities around the world. Passfeed is now used worldwide with over 56 million people.
Media Contact
Company Name: Passfeed Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Richard. W.
Phone: +1 415 862 8222
Country: United States