Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sanmen Classic Power manufactures a range of road safety products

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Classic power is specialized in designing and manufacturing highest performing products for road safety. All its products are quality certified.
The occurrence of death and injuries on the road can be easily avoided with the adoption of various road safety solutions. These mainly include installation of wide range of products that guarantee effective road safety through checking and regulating the speed of the vehicles. There are many firms that supply superior quality of road safety products which are useful in tackling and curbing the speed of the vehicles to reduce the scope of accidents.
Power Classic is one such firm which is committed to provide the most efficient products for road safety. All its products are compliant with the relevant standards and specification guidelines. It is also capable of supplying customized products as per the specifications and needs of the clients.
 rubber speed humps
Its rubber speed humps arrive with good damping capacity and compression strength. They are resistant to all weather, UV light and oils. They can be easily installed with basic tools without causing any damage to the vehicles. They reduce the noise of at the time of slowing down to the speed of the vehicle to a standard level. These products are made of recycled rubber, PVC or PU material and comprise of black and yellow units which are highly visible to drivers. Apart from checking the speed of vehicles, they can also be used for making easy walkways for people on the streets. They can be fitted on the road crossing, schools, parking lots etc.
The wheel stop of this manufacturing company is made of recycled, durable and high tensile rubber to fix the vehicles in right parking positions. They come with good malleability along with high resistance pressure capacity. These are manufactured using matured technology that prevents fading of the products. They can be easily fixed by screws or bolts and never mover when hit by vehicles. They never damage the vehicle as they are made of rubber and on the contrary stop the motion of the wheel of the vehicle significantly. They are normally used in parking lots and garages.
The traffic barriers manufactured by the company arrive in four different types which are used for stopping or dividing the road. They are important for any maintenance work that is being undertaken for the improvement of the road. The firm ensures timely delivery of its products in good condition. Its customer service unit is always ready to answer the questions of the clients who are looking for optimal solutions. The firm has also gained recognition for its superior quality reflective vests, convex mirrors, warning bollards and so on.
About Sanmen Classic Power
Sanmen Classic power is a China based firm which was established in the year of 1998. It is specialized in manufacturing various road safety products and delivers them within fixed period.

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