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Senmer News Wire: R.G. Dempster And The Patriots Represent A New Movement In The Music Industry

Having opened for iconic bands including the Yardbirds, MC5, Bob Seger and Blues Magoos, R.G. Dempster has been playing studio guitar for more than 50 years. Today he heads a solo outfit that is dedicated to bringing the message of unity and patriotism to listeners of all ages with his new song “Stand Up!”. The song is currently being promoted heavily throughout the Detroit music scene, and beyond.

R.G. Dempster And The Patriots Represent A New Movement In The Music IndustryThe oldest of 9 children, Robert George Dempster was raised in working class Detroit, Michigan where he learned the value of hard work and community. Now a small Michigan business owner, Dempster has continued to pursue his artistic passion, writing songs, singing, and playing the guitar, which he has cultivated for more than 50 years. Having to work hard for everything that he has achieved, his new track titled “Stand Up!” highlights the value of dedication and shares what it is like to earn your place in the world. The patriotic and upbeat vibe represents a side of music that is a bit rare during these tough social times and is a breath of fresh air for those looking for some positive vibes.

Melodic, complex and drawing heavily from folk and classic rock sounds, the music of Dempster is somewhat of a callback to an earlier time. A time when the people of the United States felt united under one ideal; that with hard work and dedication, as well as an understanding that we are all in this together can lead to great things. He is part of a larger movement within the city of Detroit to bring patriotism and unity to listeners under the idea that while our country may have its problems, the United States is still a country that deserves to be celebrated.

The message of “Stand Up!” is one of hope and positivity and represents the larger ideal that as American citizens, our voice can be used to achieve great things. The upbeat song contains a positive message that listeners of all backgrounds can embrace. In addition to releasing “Stand Up!”, Dempster is currently seeking support for a patriotic concert experience that will include a wide array of pro-United States songs as well as an education on what it means to be an American. The song was recorded and mastered to perfection in a Grosse Pointe, Michigan studio using the Pro Tools software and with the help of a number of iconic musicians from the Detroit area.

Having previously entertained U.S. Marines and Navy during Fleet Week at Times Square in New York City, R.G. Dempster is looking forward to performing at more American venues. During a time of social unrest, he is taking a stand with every American in support of our nation, our leaders, and our military. “Stand Up!”, released in early October 2017 is a powerful song dedicated to the United States and draws from a rich variety of influences.

The patriotic song is currently available for free on a number of digital music sites. For more information on the rich musical career of R.G. Dempster, and this movement to bring patriotism back to the United States with the help of other Detroit area musicians, check out and

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Contact Person: Terrance Schemansky
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State: MI
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Source: R.G. Dempster And The Patriots Represent A New Movement In The Music Industry

Monday, October 16, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Lil’ Squirrels Preschool Now Offers an Educational Environment for Growing Babies

Lil’ Squirrels Preschool provides a warm, nurturing, and educational environment for growing babies. All their programs were designed to foster the daily development of infant minds.

Albuquerque, New Mexico (getnews) October 16, 2017 – Preschool offers many benefits – it can be a great place for kids to interact with other kids and learn valuable life lessons such as how to share, take turns, and follow rules. It also can prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. Understanding the importance of preschool for infants, Lil’ Squirrels Preschool, the best infant Preschool in Albuquerque, provides a warm, nurturing, and educational environment for growing babies.

senmer news wire

The spokesperson from the best preschools in Albuquerque states, “We’ve designed a wonderful environment to foster the daily development of infant minds and bodies. More than just a day care, your little one starts his or her learning journey with us and we’ll work with you to make the transition a smooth and happy time, creating a strong bond and a setting that feels like family.”

During the curriculum hours, the staffs from Lil’ Squirrels Preschool maintain a 1:3 ratio with a classroom that does not exceed more than 6 infants at a time. More than just day care, Lil’ Squirrels Preschool focused on keeping your baby happy, engaged, and secure. They provide personalized care for each infant based on his or her unique schedule, nutritional guidelines, and any other special attention he/she requires.

While asking about the motivation to start Lil’ Squirrels Preschool, Shirley, the founder of the best preschools in Albuquerque says, “After 13 years of teaching in Albuquerque in the elementary classroom, I decided to continue my educational career at the preschool level. I saw the benefits with my own two children of developing their language skills and encouraging their love of books. I was determined to take my ideas and create an environment that was educational, nurturing, safe, and clean for other parents like myself. I started my preschool as a private home daycare in 2005 and in two years it had grown so quickly that I reorganized to the perfect Journal Center II location!”

She also continues, “My program focuses on communication, language development, and literacy. I hope Lil’ Squirrels Preschool in Albuquerque NM, can provide everything you would like for your child’s growth, development, and happiness!”

The media person finally states, “Our mission at Lil’ Squirrels Preschool is to develop a partnership with families and the staff to provide a safe, educational, and nurturing environment where children can learn and grow into independent, confident, and caring individuals.”

About Lil’ Squirrels Preschool,

Lil’ Squirrels Preschool, the best preschools in Albuquerque dedicated to providing a safe, educational, and nurturing environment where children can learn and grow into independent, confident, and caring individuals. For more details, visit

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Company Name: Lil’ Squirrels Preschool
Contact Person: Shirley Padilla
Phone: 505-228-2883
Address: 7411 Hancock Ct. NE
City: Albuquerque
State: New Mexico
Country: United States

Source: Lil’ Squirrels Preschool Now Offers an Educational Environment for Growing Babies

Senmer News Wire: Show-up on NASDAQ Tower Billboard Mr. Wang Yuan Delivering Chinese Charisma on National Day

October 1st is the national day of the People’s Republic of China and one of the most important festivals in China. On the day every year, huge crowds of people gather in Tian An Men Square in Beijing for the national flag rising ceremony. They become very excited at the moment when the Five-Starred Red Flag rises gradually and the national anthem rings out. This is the time for the nation to showcase its strength, confidence and cohesion, and the time for Chinese people to express their love and pride through various means. Among them, an outstanding Chinese entrepreneur expresses his pride in a peculiar way.

Chinese Is Great

On 6:09, October 1st, 2017, Mr. Wang Yuan’s photo shows up on NASDAQ Tower Billboard, Times Square, New York, USA. Against the background of a bright-coloured red flag over the huge screen, Mr. Wang holds up his thumb with great confidence. Underneath a line of English words stand out: I’m so proud to be a Chinese. Showcasing Chinese enterprenuers’ charisma to the world on China’s national day, this is the way that Mr. Wang wishes to convey his excitement at the special moment and sends his blessing to the country. The rise or fall of a country, everybody has his share in it. The well-known saying has rooted deeply in Chinese philosophy. Mr. Wang wishes to express his love to the country and to stand for all national enterprenuers who shoulder social responsibility and answer to the call of Chinese businesses going global according to the nation’s 13th five-year planning.

Chinese Is Great

As made-in-China becomes popular around the world, more and more Chinese firms love to advertise in overseas and their first choice is the NASDAQ Tower Billboard in Times Square, a landmark building of New York City. There serves as a window wide open to the world. As going out, going global becomes the common understanding of Chinese businesses, Mr Wang takes the occasion of China’s National Day to express the open-mindedness and determination of Chinese businessmen. Following Baidu’s Li Yanhong, JD’s Liu Qiangdong, Xiaomi’s Lei Jun, Wuliangye, Gome Online, etc., Mr Wang Yuan is another Chinese enterprenuer who shows up on NASDAQ Tower Billboard in Times Square in New York.

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Contact Person: Media Relations
Phone: 86 18211151808
Address: C7-1801, green home media village, Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District
City: Beijing
Country: China

Source: Show-up on NASDAQ Tower Billboard Mr. Wang Yuan Delivering Chinese Charisma on National Day

Friday, October 13, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Eco Clean Solutions Offers Professional Carpet Cleaning

Eco Clean Solutions is a Dublin based cleaning services company that offers professional carpet and house cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. In addition, the company deep cleans rugs, upholstery, mattresses, driveways, and tiles. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are used for all jobs.

Eco Clean Solutions is a Dublin based cleaning services company that offers professional carpet and house cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. In addition, the company deep cleans rugs, upholstery, mattresses, driveways, and tiles. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are used for all jobs.

What separate Eco Clean Solutions from other cleaning companies are that all of their services are affordable, offered at fixed rates with no hidden charges, and has 24/7 call centre support. Moreover, the company has experienced cleaning staff who are highly trained, certified, and insured.

Eco Clean Solutions mainly specialises in domestic and commercial carpet cleaning. The company also carries out upholstery cleaning and rug and flooded carpet restoration. Unlike other firms, the company uses natural and environmentally friendly detergents, which contain no harmful chemicals that will damage clients’ carpets. All cleaning products used by Eco Clean Solutions contain pure essential natural oils, are organic, and endorsed by the Asthma Foundation. The detergents are both pet and child safe and very effective in removing dust mites from mattresses, upholstery, and carpets.

For every carpet cleaning job, Eco Clean Solutions uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that is many times as powerful as household vacuum cleaners and produces a deeper clean and faster drying times. The company’s professional staff uses hot water extraction as a method for carpet cleaning where the clients’ carpet gets sprayed with hot or steamed water. The hot water then gets vacuumed up collecting all the dirt and germs, leaving the clients’ carpet thoroughly cleaned.

In addition, Eco Clean Solutions offers daily, weekly, and bi-weekly house cleaning services whereby the company matches clients with experienced and vetted housemaids who will clean all the rooms of the house for as long as the homeowner wants the service. The house maids thoroughly clean the clients’ homes including bathrooms, bedrooms, sitting rooms, and kitchen.

Eco Clean Solutions’ professional and thorough approach has earned them many positive reviews. For example, ÉidinMacGowan says, “I got my carpets and leather couch cleaned. Not only was the price amazing but my carpet and couch look brand new. The staff are so professional, hardworking, and friendly.”

Prospective clients can find out more at

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Company Name: Eco Clean Solutions
Contact Person: Constantin Moraru
Phone: 015039877
Address: 7 Slade Castle Heights
City: Dublin
Country: Ireland

Source: Eco Clean Solutions Offers Professional Carpet Cleaning

Senmer News Wire: Data Room Reviews UK Offers Helpful Comparison of Virtual Deal Room Vendors

Data Room Reviews UK is a specialist comparison site that provides comprehensive reviews of Virtual Deal Rooms (VDRs), which are web-based platforms where companies can upload documents and once uploaded, are protected by several security features to prevent unauthorised access.

Data Room Reviews UK is a specialist comparison site that provides comprehensive reviews of Virtual Deal Rooms (VDRs), which are web-based platforms where companies can upload documents and once uploaded, are protected by several security features to prevent unauthorised access.senmer news wire

The homepage of Data Room Reviews UK begins with a detailed definition of VDRs, which includes a description of the kind of information that the virtual data room protects and the presentation of examples that illustrate what would happen if sensitive data was not protected. One example used was Ransomware, Petya, a type of malware used by hackers to encrypt the files in victims’ computers who then demand a ransom to have such documents decrypted. The site also highlights the risks associated with storing information in physical rooms and hard disks.

The review then moves on to discuss who uses VDRs, which include companies involved in mergers and acquisitions, legal firms, investment banks, and pharmaceutical companies where sensitive information is most likely be exchanged between individuals, and transactions and client interactions take place.

Data Room Reviews UK then provides a comprehensive guide to the leading virtual data room providers, which include Firmex, Intralinks, iDeals, Merrill Datasite, RR Donnelley, Sharefile Citrix System, Ansarada, Box Virtual Data Room, Brainloop, and SecureDocs. Each vendor review contains a description of the provider’s experience in VDRs, document upload facilities, mobile apps to allow users to access the virtual data room from anywhere in the world, auto indexing for files and folders, and security features such as IP address blocking and personalised watermarks to prevent unauthorised duplication of documents.

The comparison site gave all vendors positive reviews but selects Firmex as the best provider in terms of value for money as it has an affordable pricing model to suit all budgets combined with excellent features including personalised watermarks to identify points of information breach, and a permission management feature, which can act as a security protocol.

Data Room Reviews UK ends with a guide on what to look for when selecting a VDR vendor. Things to consider include price, for businesses on a budget; security features to prevent unauthorised access; and, customer support and language features.

Prospective clients can find more information at

Media Contact
Company Name: Data Room Reviews UK
Contact Person: Jack Naroth
Phone: 077 1927 9107
Address: 2 Guild Street
Country: United Kingdom

Source: Data Room Reviews UK Offers Helpful Comparison of Virtual Deal Room Vendors

Senmer News Wire: All Star IT Offers Quality IT and Web Services

All Star IT is a Melbourne company that offers business clients a wide range of IT and web-based services including managed IT services, laptop repairs, VoIP services, managed WordPress, and SEO services.

All Star IT is a Melbourne company that offers business clients a wide range of IT and web-based services including managed IT services, laptop repairs, VoIP services, managed WordPress, and SEO services.

What set All Star IT apart from other competitors is their proven track record accumulated from their 15 years’ experience in the industry. In that time they have developed strong relationships with key vendors, which enables the company to provide excellent support for their clients. In addition, All Star IT only hires full-time, highly experienced technicians with considerable knowledge and skills to get the job done right first time. The company also has the ability to monitor a client’s computer network 24/7 and identify and resolve potential issues before they develop into major problems.

Since it was founded, All Star IT has expanded offer a wide range of services. These include virus removal services, laptop repairs, VoIP services, IT relocation, switching IT providers, cloud backup, and IT hardware and software. The company also provides a variety of web-based services such as Office 365 support, cloud VPS, web design, managed WordPress, SEO services, and local citations.

In addition, All Star IT offers managed IT services, designed specifically to minimise downtime and disruption for their business clients through proactively monitoring and managing their whole IT infrastructure and deal with issues as and when they arise. As part of the service, the company monitors clients’ computer networks, servers, printers, and internet connection. All Star IT’s team also works with the client team to develop a scalable and flexible service for a fixed monthly fee, and provide education and assistance to the client’s employees on technology issues.

All Star IT’s range and standard of services have earned them many positive reviews. For example, Rob Coulson of Coulson Financial Services says, “Peter [All Star IT’s founder] is an excellent operator. Peter was extremely proficient in identifying and rectifying our IT issues and I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter to individuals and small businesses alike. Peter is very personable and easy to communicate with.”

Prospective clients can find out more at

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Company Name: All Star IT
Contact Person: Peter Nelson
Phone: 1300338208
Address: 18 Ardgower Court
City: Melbourne,Templestowe Lower
State: Victoria,3109
Country: Australia

Source: All Star IT Offers Quality IT and Web Services

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Allyos to Launch Crowd Shopping Mobile App and Go Live on Indiegogo

What could be more thrilling than purchasing a $52,000 car for as little as a dollar? Allyos provides shoppers with the opportunity to buy a new car, the latest smartphone, or a stunning watch for as little as $1. Any deal can be joined for $1 and even when bidders do not win, they’ll be able to benefit from discounts starting at 2% and building from there. Opting in takes only a tap of a button and categories and search features allow users to quickly find items of interest. The app ensures equal opportunity for every shopper to get in on a deal by blocking “in” users from adding more money for an hour. Regardless of how much money a shopper has to spare, everyone will enjoy an equal playing field and have the same opportunity to score on deals. The mobile app is easy to use, ensuring that users can focus on the incredible offers.

senmer news wire
The best part is, shopping through Allyos lends support to charities and relief efforts. Allyos is combining shopping bliss with philanthropy for a magical new experience. 1% of total sales will be donated to a Charity of the Week chosen by Allyos users. With big-ticket items and multiple sales per day, these organizations could be seeing thousands of dollars coming their way as a result of purchases made through the app. Allyos members can also be part of the support for major disasters and other catastrophic events, assisting in fast relief for those in need. Even when a user only pays $1 for a deal, they could be helping raise hundreds for the chosen charity.

The Allyos application will first debute on Indiegogo in Q4, 2017. Perks on the world’s leading crowdfunding site will include exclusive, once in a lifetime benefits in limited amount, reserved for crowdfunding backers only. These features will not only let Allyos users big ticket limited edition items but also the opportunity of earning an income.

Allyos can be checked out on their website, social pages or watch their tutorial videos on YouTube. Pre-orders can be placed there, which ensures that no one will miss out the launch date of the crowdfunding campaign and can stay tuned for insider info on this highly interesting innovation.

Person: Andras Juhasz
Company: Allyos Ltd.
Tel: 442038086991
Country:  Ireland

Source: Allyos to Launch Crowd Shopping Mobile App and Go Live on Indiegogo

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Senmer News Wire: No Compromise on DACA Amnesty for Compromised America

America has already been deeply compromised by more than 12 million invading illegal aliens costing taxpayers more than $100 billion in stolen tax resources and thousands of innocent U.S. citizens slaughtered by illegals each year!

Americans will watch in horror as the Amnesty portion of the legislation is enforced giving millions of illegal aliens what they want, while any new immigration laws will go unenforced as our current laws are today! The additional millions of straight Democrat Party voters added to U.S. elections will eventually cancel out any immigration or border security laws.

“Promises of new and improved immigration laws by Trump and Congress are spoons full of sugar to get the Amnesty poison to go down!” declared William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Any further forced compromise in America will take us beyond the point of no return. Trump never campaigned on making a deal on DACA Amnesty, and if he had, I’m quite certain he would not be President today! America does not need new immigration laws; we need for the laws we have to be enforced, and that is the promise Trump is betraying by reversing his position to supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens instead of enforcing all of our laws today as he promised during the campaign.”

No Compromise on DACA Amnesty for Compromised America

ALIPAC supporters believe there should be no compromise or deals cut on DACA Amnesty for illegal aliens with internal polling showing 98% support deportation through enforcement of existing American laws instead of future voting rights for illegal aliens.

Trump’s base supporters expected the aggressive offense Trump promised on immigration issues including the large-scale deportations and enforcement of immigration laws for many years before there would be any discussion of what to do with remaining illegals, as Trump promised in his August 31, 2016, Immigration Policy Speech in Phoenix, Arizona. (See Transcript)

ALIPAC offers the following evidence showing new immigration enforcement laws cannot be trusted:

— Americans were promised new immigration enforcement measures in Reagan’s 1986 Amnesty for illegal aliens, and the Amnesty for one million illegals turned into three million. The enforcement parts of the bill never fully materialized leading to America’s 12-20 million illegal aliens today! A repeat of this mistake could result in more than 40 million new illegal aliens by the year 2047!

— The Dream Act Amnesty legislation that ALIPAC and the American public defeated in the U.S. Senate in December of 2010 also contained a long list of new immigration enforcement promises to help sell Americans on the Amnesty. But hidden in the bill was a clause that would allow the Director of the Department of Homeland Security to waive all enforcement directives and expand the amnesty to include unlimited numbers of illegal aliens.

— Today in America, more than 12 million illegal aliens woke up and went about their lives with little to no fear of deportation. Among the less than 1% of 1% that are deported each year, they have little or no fear of border security measures that would prevent them from reentering the U.S. unlawfully! Illegal aliens with multiple deportations continue to rape and kill US citizens, displace U.S. workers, depreciate wages, bring drugs and crime into our communities, receive welfare benefits, register and vote in U.S. elections due to the non-enforcement of our existing laws! With our current laws unenforced due to power groups like Goldman Sachs, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, the Democrat Party, and hundreds of Soros groups and lobbyists, no sane American should believe new immigration laws will be enforced in exchange for Amnesty.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is asking citizens to call their members of Congress and stand firmly in support of America’s existing border and immigration laws and resolutely against DACA, Dream Act, and Comprehensive Amnesty which would permanently destroy any hopes of future borders or immigration law enforcement in America.

Activists are also being encouraged to reach out to Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carleson, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mark Krikorian and Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Studies, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Greg Bannon, Brian Kilmeade, Dennis Michael Lynch, Stephen Miller, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, and many others to make sure they understand there should be no compromise on DACA Amnesty for an already compromised America!

Media Contact
Company Name: Americans for Legal Immigration
Contact Person: William Gheen
Phone: +1 9197876009
Country: United States

Source: No Compromise on DACA Amnesty for Compromised America

Senmer News Wire: Singer/Songwriter JORDAN HURWITZ Premieres New “I LOVE YOUR ABS” MUSIC VIDEO Following Her Recent LOVESICK. EP Release and Tour

Miami, Florida – American Singer/Songwriter JORDAN HURWITZ proudly presents captivating and soulful pop, powerful melodies, and story-telling ballads that speak to the challenges people face in their everyday lives, and empower them to rise above. She is very excited to release her newest music video for the single “I LOVE YOUR ABS” off her latest LOVESICK. EP.

Jordan recently completed her successful LOVESICK. tour along the West and East Coasts, showcasing this EP of six original songs that highlight her evolving musical maturity and continued depth in her songwriting.

The “I LOVE YOUR ABS” MUSIC VIDEO will premiere at 6 PM PST on October 12, 2017 on and

A short teaser for the video can be seen here:

Video Link:

Produced and arranged by Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin), LOVESICK. was recorded at his Tarpan Studios and released through his Tarpan Records label. “Working with Narada is an incomparable and invaluable experience,” she says. “His talent and artistry take my music to a whole new dimension and continue to be nothing less than amazing.” LOVESICK. is JORDAN HURWITZ’s second EP working with Narada, following her Here I’ll Stand EP released with Tarpan Records in 2015. “I LOVE YOUR ABS” is Jordan’s second music video from LOVESICK., with her first widely-acclaimed “Riverbank” music video premiering earlier this year as part of the EP’s launch. The LOVESICK. and Here I’ll Stand EPs were preceded by Jordan’s debut album Infinity in 2013, and The New Me, produced by Marcus Barone, in 2014.

Reviewing LOVESICK., Russell Trunk of Exclusive Magazine said, “In truth, no matter if it’s the tongue in cheek pop song ‘I Love Your Abs’, the poignant ballad ‘Power’, the stoic Blues-feel of ‘Riverbank’ or even ‘Hurricane’, this new album is as good as anything Narada has been involved with, in my opinion. I mean, just ‘Lovesick’ alone, with its Latin beats, engaging hip-sway rhythm might just be as close to a genuine Top 10 radio hit as Hurwitz has ever been – and deservedly so, trust me.” He also had glowing reviews for Jordan’s Here I’ll Stand EP, saying “… [she is] so apt at creating musical visions to back her every lyric that it’s hard not to imagine her standing proudly alongside Taylor Swift at an awards ceremony one day.”

JORDAN HURWITZ uses her lyrics to work through the trials and tribulations of growing up. “I would be nothing without my lyrics. My songwriting is who I am,” says Jordan. “A finished song always brings resolution to my internal conflicts,” she notes. “The problems themselves sometimes never change, but my actions and perspectives do. Every song I’ve ever written carries the motif of being broken and finding the strength to rise above. Often, before I create the song I don’t have this strength, but the empowering lyrics play on repeat in my head until they become reality.”

Born and raised in Redwood City, California, Jordan spends most of the year in Miami, Florida, where she attends University of Miami’s Frost School of Music in the highly-regarded Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program. “Being a student at Frost provides me with the constant surroundings of extremely motivated and talented peers as well as professors, keeping me eager to better myself and my music. Frost is the perfect place to continue my music education and evolve my career as a singer/songwriter.” JORDAN HURWITZ can often be seen performing in venues around town as well as university-related events.

JORDAN HURWITZ’s musical experience began with piano lessons at age six, and has evolved to include drums, voice training, and guitar, all of which she now uses to accompany her songwriting. “Empowering myself with song was life-changing in itself, but that doesn’t even compare to the feeling deriving from other people relating to my songs. It gives me comfort to know that the issues I face are faced by other people, and it gives me a sense of pride realizing that with my music, I can help them feel better about themselves as well.” She released her first album of original songs at age 16, and hasn’t stopped writing or performing since.

JORDAN HURWITZ is always working on new music. She appreciates and is influenced by artists from many genres, including Billy Joel, Sara Bareilles, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, and Lady Gaga. Stay on the lookout for more from this amazing new artist.

Visit and at Noon (Pacific Standard Time) on October 12, 2017 to view the video’s premiere. Visit Jordan’s YouTube channel at

For more information about JORDAN HURWITZ, please visit her website and social media pages via

To order LOVESICK. on iTunes please visit

To order LOVESICK. or any of JORDAN HURWITZ’s other releases on Bandcamp please visit

For Press and Interview inquiries, please contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR at (828) 350-8158 or

Media Contact
Company Name: Independent Distribution Collective
Contact Person: Brendan Blandy
Phone: +1 4152927007
Address:2001 Van Ness Ave #411
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Country: United States

Source: Singer/Songwriter JORDAN HURWITZ Premieres New “I LOVE YOUR ABS” MUSIC VIDEO Following Her Recent LOVESICK. EP Release and Tour

Senmer News Wire: Los Angeles Ads Now Offers Free, Local Classified Ads

For people looking for jobs, housing (for sale or rent), cars, events and more in the Los Angeles area, help is at hand. Los Angeles Ads, an online classified ads service dedicated to the city of Los Angeles and its environs, is now offering free, local classified ads to the city’s residents. The service enables locals to advertise items for sale, find work, hire specialist services, buy sports equipment, cell phones, and clothes, and possibly grab a bargain in the process. The creators of the site hope that it will turn into a hub for local commerce, providing ordinary people with the means of advertising to each other at low cost.

The website is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. The creators have taken pains to make sure that the layout is simple and straightforward. The home page provides updating, rotating information on the latest ads posted to the site, as well as upcoming events. Users are able to advertise things like sports club competitions, charity walks, baby shows and job fairs. There’s also a “most viewed ads” section where visitors to the site can see ads that generate the most public interest.

Post Local Classified Ads

One of the main purposes of the site, according to its creators, is to make sure that every community in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, is served by its network. Those posting adverts to the site choose their community from a list categorized by region of LA: West, North. East, South, Central or Greater. After that, users select the category of the item they want to advertise, as well as the subcategory, to help others narrow down their search. The site then presents advertisers with a simple form to fill in where they can provide details of their advertisement, upload pictures if required, set a price, and leave their contact information.

Featured And Extended Ads

Los Angeles Ads knows that some people are willing to spend money on advertising online. Thus, while posting is usually free, users can choose to upload a “featured ad.” The price increases depending on the length of time selected the advertiser would like their ad to remain featured, usually between 10 to 90 days.

Extended ads allow advertisers to increase the length of time their adverts appear on the site. Los Angeles Ads offers advertisement extensions of 30, 60 and 90 days.

Post Events

Users are also able to post events on the site for free. Book signings, collectible shows, car shows, and photography workshops are all currently popular in the Los Angeles area. There is also a calendar where visitors can view upcoming events, find out how much it costs to attend, and get directions for parking.

Los Angels Ads, like all reputable classified ad services, places limits on what type of ads can be posted to the site. Users are advised to read the terms and conditions before proceeding with an ad placement. For those interested in finding out more about events in the Los Angeles area, finding a job or buying local equipment, head on over to

Media Contact
Company Name: Los Angeles Ads
Contact Person: Claudio Lacombe
Phone: 213-277-7177
Country: United States

Source: Los Angeles Ads Now Offers Free, Local Classified Ads

Senmer News Wire: The Chinese Shower Enclosure Is Coming

Live in New York more than 20 years, I don’t know how many times I passed the Times Square, when I saw the countless pictures on the large screen keep changing, I felt clearly the world change too fast. Especially China, their economy growing speed is same as their high-speed train. The first few years, here was almost the world of Europe and USA, but now when you look at the large screens, you see many Chinese cultures, Chinese landscapes, Chinese brand images……

senmer news wire

Today, I drove with a Chinese friend Xu passing under the large screen of NASDAQ, he pointed at the screen that with square characters and told me excitedly, “ look, that’s the new product release of Rosery Showers, that’s our (Chinese) own brand”.

Honestly, I didn’t understand initially why Xu was so excited, the advertisement of Chinese Alibaba, Sina, JD…….had been here many years. Xu said, it’s not the same, it’s quite normal if a top brand of hot industry appear here, but shower enclosure is different, as a product with low attention in long time, even it’s a top brand would be not known by the Chinese consumers, even in USA it’s same, Rosery comes here, means the competitiveness of us(Chinese) has really increased.

I was touched deeply by Xu’s words, look at our country, when we are busy building more sensitive metal locator, more aircraft carriers, faster pilotless aircraft……, Chinese air conditioner occupied our bedroom, Chinese refrigerator occupied our kitchen, and now our bathroom would be occupied by Chinese shower enclosures. Maybe, we are leading the industry in some fields, but we need to see that, in some industries, such as Rosery and others from China are persuing and even surpass us.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Andy Ching
Phone: 86-0760-88407903
Country: China

Source: The Chinese Shower Enclosure Is Coming

Monday, October 9, 2017

Senmer News Wire: 3 Golf Courses Reopen In Myrtle Beach Area

Myrtle Beach area golf aficionados, rejoice. MyGolf, the golf course affiliate program with participating golf courses in the United States and Canada, is pleased to announce the fall 2017 reopening of the Crow Creek, Arcadia Shores, and the Tiger Eye Golf Course golf courses.3 Golf Courses Reopen In Myrtle Beach Area

Closing down in July, 2017, the Crow Creek course, which is located near the fishing village of Calabash, NC, and has a reputation for its immaculate courses and bent greens, has completely redone its fairways and greens, and is opening its doors to offer a revamped golfing experience to both its frequent and new members.

The second course, which is about to be reopened, Arcadia shores, is located right in the heart of Myrtle Beach. Golfers can expect an all-new clubhouse, which they will undoubtedly love to frequent, as well as a well-maintained design that lends to unforgettable games.

Finally, the third course, Tiger Eye Golf Course, which is found near Sunset Beach, NC, closed in June of 2017 to replace its existing bentgrass greens with Bermuda greens, which are made to better withstand the summer heat. The Tiger Eye Golf Course reopened in September, 2017, and has since been visited by scores of golfers who enjoy playing on its all-new and still relatively untouched greens.

“MyGolf is excited these three great golf courses have reopened in the Myrtle Beach area. They are a must play for any avid golfer visiting the area”, said Ben Hunt, MyGolf CEO.

A  golf membership from includes access to all three of the reopened courses, as well as to many other courses across the US, as well as dining, lodging and event discouints. With the slogan “Spend less. Play more”, joining MyGolf reduces the cost of green fees dramatically, while it offers the flexibility of a weekly, monthly or yearly membership – essentially allowing members to double the number of courses they had planned to play within a specific amount of time, all while adhering to their budget.

Those interested in joining MyGolf can benefit from the company’s smart “Membership Test Drive” offer, can sign up for a free, 24-hour, full-access pass to its membership, and have the opportunity to view a full list of rates, member benefits, and other, member-only information. Registration to the “Membership Test Drive” can be done through filling in the appropriate form found here.

To learn more about MyGolf, please visit:

To keep up with MyGolf news and updates, please register to the company’s newletter, and follow MyGolf on Facebook/MyGolfNUS, Twitter/mygolfnus, Google +/Mygolfnus, and YouTube/MyGolfNUS.

Media Contact
Company Name: MyGolf
Contact Person: Ben Hunt
Phone: (843) 491-4372
Address: 1504 Highway 17 S, Suite A, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Country: United States

Source: 3 Golf Courses Reopen In Myrtle Beach Area

Senmer News Wire: Flawless Escorts Offers the Best Exclusive Escort Services for International Bookings

Flawless Escorts, an elite international escort service agency is well known for its professionalism and aesthetically pleasing ladies. They have their branch offices in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the USA.
As an international escort’s agency, Flawless Escorts have an extensive collection of high-class escorts and elite model escorts in Sydney who are pleasant and suitable company for your international trips. Their intelligent and high-class escorts of the agency aim to fulfil every desire of their clientele.

When asked about their top-notch service, “The longing fetishes that have been put on hold are now to be achieved by the meeting the most lovely lady of the agency. With their gorgeous bodies and enticing skills, they tend to blow your mind so that you would have a sensational experience with them,” replied the spokesperson of Flawless Escorts.

The escorts at Flawless Escorts are specially trained for discretion, reliability, confidentiality, protection of privacy and more.

“The companions at Flawless Escorts are stunning ladies from the various countries and are a perfect embodiment of all the desired qualities which you seek in an elegant and sophisticated lady showcasing their charming personalities. Our escorts deeply understand the need for discretion, protection of your privacy, confidentiality and no information is provided to the third party,” stated the spokesperson of Flawless Escorts.

He also added, “With their sophistication, cheeky nature and flawless beauty, the companions at the Flawless Escorts International will take your breath away and leave you in an utter blissful state with a memorable time to reminisce.”

Flawless Escorts has its branch agencies in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the USA and provides the facility of picking escorts by country.

“With their gorgeous bodies and enticing skills, our private Sydney escorts tend to blow your mind so that you would have a sensational experience with them. The agency has its branches in Australia, Asia, Europe and USA. Flawless Escorts have an extensive collection of high-class escorts and elite model escorts. You could pick escorts by Country: Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, China, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and UAE,” added the spokesperson lastly.

About Flawless Escorts:

Flawless Escorts, the leading international escort agency has an extensive collection of high-class escorts and elite model escorts who aim to provide perfect companions for you to have astounding experiences. Visit for more information.


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Company Name: Flawless Escorts
Contact Person: Nathan Flawless
Phone: 0487 032 035
Address: 209 harris st
City: Sydney
State: New South Wales
Country: Australia

Source: Flawless Escorts Offers the Best Exclusive Escort Services for International Bookings

Senmer News Wire: Modemedia Announces a New Focus for Branding

Modemedia, the award-winning web design and branding agency in Sydney now announces a new focus on branding and they committed to excellence in design.
Beyond just a memorable logo, good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. Modemedia understands the importance of branding and announces a new focus for branding. Modemedia, the branding agency in Sydney focuses on helping businesses successfully build the brand they desire.

senmer news wire
The spokesperson stated, “In short, branding is the way in which your customer perceives you when they hear or think of your company name, service or product. At Modemedia, our sole focus is to increase brand awareness. We focus our skills on branding identity and digital creations to give your business brand a unique edge in the market place.”

As the leading branding and web design company in Sydney, Modemedia offers a comprehensive range of strategic and tactical brand services. Working with an integrated creative agency saves you time and money, but more importantly allows the understanding and cohesiveness that is the key to success for the brands of today.

The media person added, “Our team develop intelligent campaigns to guide brand and digital experiences, helping our clients engage the markets that matter to them. We work with a broad range of clients, from start-ups through to local governments and global brands. Our friendly team has designed brand identities, advertising campaigns, websites and digital solutions for both national and international clients.”

The spokesperson finished with the point stating, “Since we started the company, our team has helped clients from all over the world create memorable, long-lasting brands that match their personality and their mission. We know that when creating your brand, nobody knows it better than you. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with you to fully flesh out your messaging and then create a branding package that will make you stand out.”

About Modemedia,

Modemedia, an award-winning digital creative agency in Sydney specialises in digital brand strategy, website design and development. For more details, visit

Media Contact
Company Name: Modemedia
Contact Person: Chris Hekeik
Phone: 02 9648 8111
Address: Lower Ground, 132 Marsden Street
City: Sydney
State: New South Wales
Country: Australia

Source: Modemedia Announces a New Focus for Branding

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Senmer News Wire: VetTechUniversity is Revolutionizing the Preparations to Become a Veterinarian

Animals are a huge part of people’s lives. Millions of people around the world own pets. However, these cuddly creatures can be difficult to take care of at times and veterinarians require a special skill set to be able to work with the extreme problems pets may experience. Learning everything about how to properly take care of animals can be extremely daunting, but VetTechUniversity hopes to make things a little easier with their extensive blog and informational veterinarian career guides.senmer news wire

Regardless of whether people just own a dog or they want to dedicate their lives to the care and service of animals they will find something useful on VetTechUniversity’s website. The blog covers a wide range of topics such as how to remove ticks from dogs and how to pleasantly give a cat a bath. Many questions come up during the course of owning a pet and this website aims to help reduce uncertainty and help people care for their furry friends in the best way possible. Readers have spoken highly of the pet care articles saying that they cover a variety of very useful topics.

Many people have also said that career guides that VetTechUniverstiy offers are extremely informative and helpful. They help animal lovers find the next step in their career and immediately help them start working towards it. Being prepared early will help aspiring veterinarians to make the most of their time and speed up the process. The road to becoming a veterinarian is long but in the end, it is extremely rewarding for those who are passionate about the well-being of animals. The guides go into extreme detail so that potential veterinarians will know what they are getting themselves into and will be able to decide if it is indeed the right path for them. VetTechUniversity doesn’t want people to wait to think about their future, they want people to dive in right now and start making their dreams a reality.

Many people could hardly imagine their lives without their four-legged companion beside them. There are still others who can’t imagine a life that doesn’t involve helping animals be as happy and as healthy as possible. People and animals have been inextricably linked for centuries and it is likely to remain that way far into the future. Regardless of how much someone enjoys the company of animals, VetTechUniversity is dedicated to helping people properly care for animals and prepare for a career working with them if that is their calling.

Media Contact
Company Name: Vettech University
Contact Person: Joe
State: New York
Country: United States

Source: VetTechUniversity is Revolutionizing the Preparations to Become a Veterinarian

Senmer News Wire: New Face in Times Square, Miniature of China’s New Economic Form

Recently, the annual advertising slogan of DZAT, a Chinese audio brand, has been displayed on the huge screen of Times Square, New York, which has attracted local American pedestrians and tourists with few words. It is not the first time for Chinese elements to be displayed on the huge screen of Times Square. However, it is the voice from China’s original audio brand: One day, you will find that you are not “alone” for choosing DZAT.
Such a unique advertising slogan triggered the author’s curiosity. Through Internet, the author finds out that “faith” is the core culture of the young brand after referring to the official website and other information materials of the brand. As for its definition of faith, it is highly concluded by the four words, “humanism (Ren), style (Ge), ultimate appearance (Xing), precise structure(Xin)” and it is also exhibited in the enterprise’s brand culture and product casing concept in detail, which presents the special Chinese philosophical thoughts.senmer news wire
“Humanism” here refers to the great importance that is attached by the brand to user values: to accord with human’s requirement and use habits and to think at the standpoint of users. With keen interest, the author consulted some friends in the industry in China and realized that, as an excellent original brand in the audio industry, DZAT pays extensive attention to user experience. From product structure design depending on ergonomics to detailed selection of wires that can be easily ignored, DZAT strictly adheres to the user-oriented principle. Meanwhile, DZAT realizes the faith requirement of precise structure (Xin), that is, being attentive in both places that can be seen or cannot be seen.
As for the explanation of style (Ge), DZAT offers the following answer: refining the characteristics and styles of the brand and products, which is believed by the author to be important cause for the brand to obtain the attention of a great number of young Asian consumers. Either the fashionable and creative appearance design of products or the brand image that DZAT presents to the public has attracted a large number of followers on account of its unique and high-quality aesthetic taste.
The realization also depends on DZAT’s adherence to originality. The enterprise takes originality as the base line, which requires the brand to isolate from external factors and to wholeheartedly devote itself to products with craftsmanship. Throughout all the DZAT products, none of them fails to integrate the brand’s profound understanding of audio products or accurately captures the fashion.
From the perspective of brand, adherence to faith represents the self-restraint of the enterprise; from the perspective of products, it refers to the principle of producing products. Meanwhile, through further contact, it is found that faith has penetrated deep inside the brand, DZAT, and serves as its DNA.
As for brands adhering to originality like DZAT, faced with international stage, there are multiple huge challenges to be overcome: they face the huge amount of research and development costs. During the process, they not only have to solve successive technical difficulties but also have to obtain the cognition and acceptance of more consumers in the rapidly-updated market environment faced with market squeeze by industrial giants. However, challenge also means opportunity. Currently, the entire Chinese economy is developing from extensive manufacturing industry to branding and the cognition degree of consumers on original brands is continuously improving. On the road of adherence to originality, DZAT will be understood and accepted by more people with the persistent brand concept, quite facilitating its advancing towards international stage.
We find that the new products which launched at Global Sources Electronics fair hold in HongKong a few days ago has received a lot of attention.Hopefully, as DZAT put it,One day, you will find that you are not “alone “for choosing DZAT.

Media Contact
Company Name: Shenzhen Du Zhete(DZAT) Technology Co.,Ltd.
Contact Person: Vidi Zou
Phone: (0086)18824252677
Country: China

Source: New Face in Times Square, Miniature of China’s New Economic Form

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Senmer News Wire: in Japan:a 6.5 trillion strategic cooperation in blockchain data

On October 7th, 2017, Beijing time, the SCRY.INFO Japanese community was officially launched. The launching ceremony of the SCRY.INFO Japanese community received a warm welcome from Japanese blockchain professionals and community members.

The ceremony also attracted a great number of well-established enterprises and colleges, including the biggest global rating company S&P Global, the biggest BPO company in Japan InfoDelivery, the world-leading provider of services and solutions for the wireless industry Brightstar, one of the US’ biggest financing institutions Prudential Financial, the world-leading ICT integrated service provider Fujitsu, the most renowned enterprise in the international financial IT industry FITECH LABS, the worldwide-famous international logistics company Nissin Corporation, the Japanese credit information agency CCB as well as the University of Tokyo and Asian Institute of Technology. During this event, Japanese with an appetite for blockchain showed strong interests in technological details and application practice presented by SCRY.INFO, and had in-depth discussions with the SCRY.INFO team on the spot.

SCRY.INFO is the world’s first blockchain quantifiable platform for data transactions, storage realizing, verification, sharing, analysis and transactions of real data in smart contracts. Blockchain is not a technology for the sole purpose of technology. In the time of symbolization and information application, the goal of SCRY.INFO is to create value and gain a competitive edge for more business partners, based on the combination of big data and blockchain technology.

senmer news wire
At the scene, Ray, co-founder of SCRY.INFO and Kurihara, the core developer of this community, shared the progress of research and development of SCRY.INFO and the practical plan for applying systematic smart contracts in business, respectively. They opened an in-depth discussion and conducted a model test in terms of grafting AI robot systems into the SCRY.INFO blockchain protocols. They projected that they together will release the blockchain commercial cooperation system integrated with artificial intelligence, in December. Present was also algorithm engineer from the University of Tokyo Dr. Wang Zhipeng and the founder of Sujitech, whom represent a new generation of technical engineers. Suji promotes technical knowledge sharing.

Co-founder of SCRY.INFO Ray and president of TLZS Corporation Sxrsing signed the contract on the spot. Thus, the Japanese SCRY.INFO community led by TLZS Corporation was officially set up. President Sxsing indicated that blockchain is a cutting-edge technology. The leap of computing is based on how computers are told to perform and built upon how to make computers perform in a way that every industry can benefit from. Blockchain answers a need in data application and is a technology that will bring with many foreseeable concrete economic benefits, for instance, improving effectiveness, lowering commercial operating cost and helping to build an intelligent credible society.

At present, Japan is paving the way for blockchain technology and its financial applications worldwide, thanks to the appreciation and huge support from the Japanese government and institutions. Blockchain technology will certainly enjoy enormous development in the years to come. We believe that more and more enterprises and institutions will connect to blockchain application systems in Japan. SCRY.INFO will also add more strength into our Japanese community and work together to promote the development of blockchain applications in Japan.

Ray expressed that SCRY.INFO welcomes new and old friends in Japan, inside or outside this industry, and any enterprises, organizations and individuals who are interested in blockchain smart contracts to join our SCRY.INFO community. Together, we can build the SCRY.INFO ecological community, and embrace a future of in-depth commercial cooperation and contribute to the development of industrial blockchain technology application.

Source: in Japan:a 6.5 trillion strategic cooperation in blockchain data

Senmer News Wire: Social Media’s New Triple Threat, Brand Strategist Regina M. Noriega Launches

Regina M. Noriega, award winning international entrepreneur, and brand strategist is now debuting her talents on With an high profile leadership background, Regina has created as a digital marketing resource so businesses of all sizes from corporations to startups can benefit from her marketing expertise in the fields of both traditional and digital marketing.

“I am thrilled to begin my new journey,” stated, Regina. was created so entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes will have the the ability to take their brand from ordinary to extraordinary. “

By senmer news wire

As a highly sought out brand strategist, Regina’s services are in demand to sexy brands in fields such as direct sales, health and wellness, vaping, technology, specialty retail and e-commerce. The Corporate Brand Strategist specializes in advising CEO’s and Founders on strategic planning and leads them in marketing projects ranging from product development, brand enhancements to joint ventures. Regina also spearheads the launching and opening of international markets that spans the globe from Southeast Asia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Latin America, Mexico, and other countries for companies around the world. In addition, she helps entrepreneurs in the quest to find funding for their companies and projects. is receiving thousands of new visitors a day because of Regina’s blogs and the unique way she delivers value to entrepreneurs seeking advice for their businesses. Regina’s voice is authentic, diplomatic and insightful. Her blogs touch base on everything from international business to her travels around the world.

The digital marketing triple threat is an expert in strategic marketing, actual online performance and leading new business development.  The three areas represent what is necessary for businesses and startups to master and achieve success. Regina’s new entrepreneurial endeavor, will help others learn from her marketing experiences and accomplishments on both the corporate and entrepreneurial level.

With the social media marketing trends and digital landscape ever-changing, expert agile marketers like Regina are more sought out than ever before.

“It’s never been a more exciting time online,” the digital marketing practitioner and brand strategist commented. “I’m passionate about helping as many entrepreneurs and brands in the global community grow their brands in an authentic and impactful way. “

 To learn more about brand strategist Regina M. Noriega or to book a consultation, contact Regina by phone at 702-300-5960 or email her at, or engage with her at

Media Contact
Company Name: Oneinfluencer
Contact Person: Regina M. Noriega
Phone: 702 – 300 – 5960
Country: United States

Source: Social Media’s New Triple Threat, Brand Strategist Regina M. Noriega Launches

Senmer News Wire: Celebrate This Thanksgiving Day with ‘Thank You’ Flowers from Springhill Flowers

Springhill Flowers, the leading flower shop in London, Ontario now offers a graceful arrangement of fresh flowers in rich autumn colors that make the perfect complement to the traditional Thanksgiving feast.
Thanksgiving Day in Canada has been celebrated on the second Monday of October since 1957. It is a chance for people to give thanks for a good harvest and other fortunes in the past year. Gifting floral bouquets and thanksgiving flowers are the best and unique way to express thanks to the loved ones. With this in mind, Springhill Flowers has now come up with an amazing collection of thanksgiving flowers that make great holiday gifts for everyone on the list.

Celebrate This Thanksgiving Day with 'Thank You' Flowers from Springhill FlowersThe spokesperson stated, “Looking for Thanksgiving centerpiece flowers? Decorating your Thanksgiving table with a graceful arrangement of fresh flowers in rich autumn colors can be the perfect complement to the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Springhill Flowers makes it easy to find fresh Thanksgiving flowers to brighten up your home.”

He also continued, “Your Thanksgiving flowers will always be hand-arranged and hand-delivered by a local florist. Many even come in unique keepsake vases, like a harvest cornucopia, that will be cherished for many years to come. Your flowers will arrive fresh and ready to be enjoyed, so that you can spend less time arranging flowers and more time you’re your family.”

Springhill Flowers, one of the leading flower shops in London, Ontario has been proudly serving as the florists in London Ontario since 1985. As the family owned and operated business, they are committed to offering only the finest floral arrangements and gifts, backed by service that is friendly and prompt.They offer a large collection of beautiful bouquets, from Mother’s Day flowers, Thanksgiving Flowers and birthday flowers to Valentine’s Day flowers or anniversary flowers and more at the best prices.

The media person finally concluded the meet by adding, “No matter what your budget is, we offer flower arrangements at every price point. Orders must be placed before 3:00 p.m. in the recipient’s time zone to assure same-day delivery. Orders received after that time will be delivered the following day.”

About Springhill Flowers

For more than a decade, Springhill Flowers, the No.1 Florists in Ontario has been delivering beautiful, thoughtfully designed floral gifts at prices that fits the budget. They also offer seasonal promotions and free flower delivery without ever sacrificing quality.

For more details, visit

Media Contact
Company Name: Springhill Flowers
Contact Person: Mary Dann
Phone: 519-660-6815
Address: 1140 Sunningdale Rd E
City: London
State: Ontario
Country: Canada

Source: Celebrate This Thanksgiving Day with ‘Thank You’ Flowers from Springhill Flowers

Friday, October 6, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Stress Management Coach Excels in Building Confidence in Clients

Life Coach Stephanie Varda’s Unique Techniques Receive Positive Reviews

Life and Stress Management Coach, Stephanie Varda, has found effective ways to help her clients in building confidence.  The rave reviews on her website speak volumes for the clients’ life improvements.  Image consultancy, obstacle removal and relaxation therapy are a few of the many strategies that are being used to bring about the remarkable results.

“I’m very excited to introduce my life coaching and stress management training to my clients,” stated Varda.  “I believe that building confidence empowers individuals to attain their dreams.  Through various methods, such as image consultancy, I am blessed to be able to help guide my clients in such a way that enables them to reach their full potential.  And in turn, I am able to reach mine.”

Stephanie Varda’s mission as a life coach is to help her clients deal with the effects of stress, to remove the obstacles that get in the way of living a happy and fulfilled life and to build confidence.  The methods Varda uses assist individuals in overcoming panic attacks and other physical impairments that can be products of stress.  She also helps them to handle responsibilities without being overwhelmed by it.  In addition, root causes of stress are addressed and worked through.

One of the many strategies used in the therapy session is dealing with stress, learning how to take control in order to stay calm when situations are challenging.  Image consultancy is one way in which this goal is attained.

Image consultancy is the use of imagery within life coaching.  Projecting a picture of a confident, happy person is the goal and is also believed to influence how others actually perceive the individual.  By learning how to effectively use the skill, clients of Varda are reporting great results and positive life changes. Reviews of Varda’s program can be found on the website.

Self-confidence is another area that Varda addresses.  She believes that it has everything to do with the success an individual is able to experience.  She also teaches that by building confidence, individuals increase their chance of having a productive and happy life.  Through various methods, the life coach assists clients in attaining confidence.

 “I am confident that with my help and support, my clients are able to create an image that works for them,” said Varda.  “I assist them with stress while helping them build self-confidence and a positive image of themselves that projects to others.  The results are astounding.”

To find out more about Life Coach Stephanie Varda’s stress management therapy or to learn about building confidence, check out her website at

Media Contact
Company Name:
Contact Person: Stephanie Varda
Phone: 00447413127733
Country: United Kingdom

Source: Stress Management Coach Excels in Building Confidence in Clients

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Indiepalooza 2017 Presented By Houston Writers Guild Brings Together Events And Sessions For Area Writers

Indiepalooza 2017, slated for October 13 – October 15, is one of the most anticipated events of the year for writers from all over and will be held at Rice University in Houston.

Presented by the Houston Writers Guild, Indiepalooza begins with the opening session on the evening of October 13 with Stuart Horwitz’s workshop, “Organize and Revise Any Manuscript with the Book Architecture Method.” INDIEPALOOZA 2017 PRESENTED BY HOUSTON WRITERS GUILD BRINGs TOGETHER EVENTS AND SESSIONS FOR AREA WRITERS

On Saturday, October 14, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., (previously scheduled for Sunday), B. Alan Bourgeois, Director and Founder of Texas Authors Association will discuss Marketing Tips and Strategies.

Sunday, October 16, Keynote Speaker, Shanalee Sharboneau, nationally and internationally awarded children’s author, launches the day with her presentation about Initiating Positive Book Momentum. Shanalee is the author of “My Mama Loves Me: I’m Her Little Boy” of the “My Family Loves Me” Children’s Series.

Breakout sessions include: Rookies Indie Panel with Tom Woltz, Russell Little and Mike Sims, Writing Organization in Our Community, with representatives from WriteSpace, Writers’ League of Texas, Houston Writer’s Guild, NaNoWriMo and Writers in the School.

Other Sessions are: That’s How We Roll: Setting Up An Author Tour Both Online and Offline with Stuart Horwitz; Veteran Indie Panel with Tony Burnett, Alicia Richardson and Enos Russell; Audio Books with Kevin Tumlinson; Editors: Who They Are And Why Do I Need To Know with Acquisition Editor Kelly Lynn Colby; Personal Branding 101: Dare To Think Differently with Andrea Sanchez;  Contracts with Ramon Del Villar; 30-Day Author with Kevin Tumlinson; Writing Great Romances with Sierra Cartwright, Andrea Barbosa and Fern Brady; 14 Steps To Self-Publishing a Book with Mike Kowis; Using Publishing Opportunities in Anthologies, Journals and Magazines to Enhance Your Author Career with Tony Burnett; Business Side of Publishing with Fern Brady; The Character Case File with Erin Liles

Manuscripts consultation will also be available.

For information on tickets and pricing as well as nearby accommodations, go to the website:


The Houston Writers Guild is a volunteer-led, nonprofit organization working to create a community of writers of all skill levels. Together we strive to improve our writing craft and help each other build successful careers through education, collaborative marketing efforts, and camaraderie.

The Guild offers a myriad of programs for both published and unpublished writers.  It creates opportunities to build careers through networking, as well as, opportunities for author book sales throughout the Greater Houston area and neighboring communities. The Guild is also a place for hobbyist authors to enjoy writing in a relaxed and fun environment.

Media Contact
Company Name: Perceptive Public Relations
Contact Person: Sandy Lawrence
Phone: 2819898892
Address: 13202 Dogwood Blossom Trail
City: Houston
State: Texas
Country: United States

Source: Indiepalooza 2017 Presented By Houston Writers Guild Brings Together Events And Sessions For Area Writers

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Senmer News Wire: New Online Dating & Social Platform, HoyCitas.Com Set To Revolutionize Online Dating

HoyCitas launches a new online dating platform for those looking for something fun, fresh, exciting and different.

HoyCitas, a revolutionary real-time interactive social platform has recently launched its new online dating platform.  The websites, found at aim to help interested parties form a connection and communicate with each other.New Online Dating & Social Platform, HoyCitas.Com Set To Revolutionize Online Dating.

The dating game is a rapidly changing market and HoyCitas seemed to have timed it perfectly riding the fading wave of outdated dating sites into the next generation of online dating platforms to hit the market in 2017. HoyCitas aims to become the top Free online Dating and social platform through its unique service of both online dating, inventive blog and unique user experience that together give the users in its community the ultimate dating experience.

One hard thing for many people nowadays seems to be how they can find their best life partner. Relationships between people have become more complicated, more people may seem to be introverts and a good love life might seem, well, impossible. This has led to the launch of The company is dedicated to helping singles find their better half as the company understands that meeting people can be difficult for most singles as a long work hour leaves little time for socializing.

The completely free dating website for adults brings together vibrant singles together in an environment that is fun, friendly and safe. The team at HoyCitas understand that finding love comes with a number of challenges, and they’ve created a foolproof platform that allows ladies and gentlemen to find love in their own time, at their own pace, while still keeping up their commitments to work, family and friends.

“HoyCitas team knows the power of online dating and understands what  adults from age 18 and above want and need and that is why we are here to serve singles by ensuring they have a fantastic online dating experience while we help them find their better half” .” Says  Andry Silva The Manager of HoyCitas. “Our platform gives singles, burned out by the endless stream of dating apps, a safe haven to find each other, find love, and find success in bettering their dating lives.”

Andry Silva The Manager of HoyCitas concluded “As one of the world’s leading dating industry site,  HoyCitas is committed to providing a reliable, effective, user-centric online dating platform to help single people find happiness.  HoyCitas gives you everything you need to have the ultimate dating experience. It doesn’t make any negative assumptions about your intentions and has redefined the image of online dating making it fun and vibrant again.”

 For more information, please contact:

Media Contact
Company Name: Hoycitas
Contact Person: Andreia Silva
Country: Spain

Source: New Online Dating & Social Platform, HoyCitas.Com Set To Revolutionize Online Dating

Senmer News Wire: Platform AdtekMedia is Revolutionizing the World’s Mobile Technology

Technology, Innovation and Data Noted as Key Factors in Ad Platform

AdtekMedia, a cutting edge leader in mobile advertising, has recently announced they have hundreds of campaigns running that offer premium payouts in over 180 countries.  The enhanced monetization comes as great news for companies worldwide who want to advertise globally.  Proprietary technology in native mobile advertising is the focus of the innovative service, platform AdtekMedia.

“We are thrilled to be pioneers of the global mobile advertising technology,” stated a Mobile AdtekMedia company representative.  “Technology is changing.  It is trending mobile.  Those who look for advertising solutions that flow with the changes, such as our platform AdtekMedia, will prosper.  The others will be left behind.”

Platform Adtekmedia is an intelligent mobile advertising program.  The module introduces solutions to allow companies who are getting into mobile technology to grow globally.  The platform also integrates the ability for companies to attract new users and monetize inventory.  It is a multi-faceted program that is able to achieve successful results for a variety of companies who wish to reap rewards in the global world of advertising.

Mobile Adtekmedia is evolving as the world of technology veers toward mobile devices.  Companies are now able to expand to global advertising by taking advantage of what the platform has to offer.  Technology, innovation and data are said to be the three most vital things when advancing in the worldwide mobile direction.

“Our company works in the realm of apps and mobile games, cross-border electronic commerce, travel, internet finance, lifestyle and a number of other industries as well,” commented a Mobile AdtekMedia spokesperson.  “Through our innovative platform, these companies are presented in over two hundred countries and regions.  That’s a lot of advertising which in turn yields a lot of great results.”

The two main products of AdtekMedia advertising solutions are Mana and Prime.  Mana is an answer to the quest to perfectly integrate the resources used in native advertising.  Prime is a platform that enables optimizing of large numbers of native ads.  Both platforms are state-of-the art and are considered by users and experts alike to be evolutionary to the mobile advertising world.

Four Core Technology is the basis for Platform AdtekMedia.  Features include icon ads, notification ads, app list, more games, interstitial and custom ads.

 A customizable native launch engine powers the program, making it possible for the engine to break the entire advertising launch process into just three stages.  First, the decision making is addressed.  Then, the assembling.  Finally, the rendering is activated.  The template offers versatile control over the assembling of the template as well as the rendering process on the media side.  The engine actually separates the display process and the decision making process in a way that makes it flexible in assembly, implementing into a smart SDK.  There is no need to upgrade the media that is consolidated into the SDK and formats are able to be adjusted at any time.  The engine is a superior tool that has the capability to monetize channels for ROI improvements and for applications as well.

 The platform AdtekMedia implements an intelligent contextualization and matching engine.  It is a powerful tool used to accurately find issues that are specific to people data and to correct them.  It is invaluable to the advertising arena as it helps target.  Contextualization is noted for being the forerunner as far as the future of native advertising and for the Ad-Tech industry as a whole.  It is a complete and very large scale user date system that reaches more than two billion users worldwide.  The smart matching engine is capable of ad matching to users for intelligent scene understanding and contextualization.  The concept gives advertising an upper edge to reaching their desired targets.

The use of the retargeting and re-engagement engine is another tool that is of great value to advertising in the world-wide mobile department.  It employs the use of dynamic creative optimization technology and goes so far as to profile users in order to give a re-targeting solution, especially directed at encouraging users who have installed the app but have never used it.  The problem solving engine attempts to get users to re-install the app.

App developers are able to use the innovated Mobile AdtekMedia solutions too.  With the use of the platform, they can earn media inventory by integrating into the native advertising formats.  They can also maximize eCPM with automated optimization algorithm and use API and SDK integrations to allow for worldwide operations.

Mobile media buyers can get a piece of the action too.  Premium portfolios show the best conversions in campaigns.  Specialists in the field are available through Mobile AdtekMedia for consultations to explain options for global campaigns on any scale.

Ad networking is another field that is popular for AdtekMedia.  A rich campaign library is available and the company works directly with advertisers, helping to target campaigns that are tailored to the special needs of the client or the use of bulk API connections.

“We are making it possible for so many who wish to get involved in advertising worldwide to be able to do so,” a company representative concluded.  “We work with such a wide array of company types it is amazing.  It’s a wonderful feeling to know we are the pioneers of tomorrow and are helping so many businesses.”

To find out more about Mobile AdtekMedia or to get onboard with their global advertising Platform AdtekMedia, check out their website at

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Source: Platform AdtekMedia is Revolutionizing the World’s Mobile Technology

Senmer News Wire: CBD Oil Kills Cancer Brings 100% Legal & Most Powerful CBD Oil for People Get Relief in Cancer.

Bartlett, Tennessee, United States – October 4, 2017 – For cancer sufferers, CBD Oil Kills Cancer now brings the most potent and 100% legal CBD Oil that is available in 50 states in the USA. The product is 100% natural and they do not use any genetically modified or GMP ingredients in their CBD oil. According to the spokesperson of the company, they harvest hemps in their Kentucky farms and the product is 100% made in the USA.

The spokesperson reveals that many people do not know – What is CBD Oil and how it can help with cancer and other ailments, line Hypertension, Manic Depression, Migraines, Neurological Disorders, Parkinson’s, Spinal Injury etc. According to the spokesperson, the Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the cannabis plants from which the oil is extracted. This CBD oil has lots of medicinal benefits. Several clinical reports have shown that the product has no side effects and a low amount of THC, unlike typical marijuana products.

There are numerous people who want to know: Can CBD Oil Kill Cancer?” For such people, the website of Can CBD Oil Kill Cancer features actual reviews from real cancer sufferers and survivors. There are numerous positive reviews and cancer sufferers accept that they get a relief when they place a few drops of oil under their tongue in the morning. With the help of the CBD oil, there are many patients who don’t experience seizures any more.

CBD Oil Kills Cancer produces pesticide free, CO2 extracted natural hemp oil with 0.03% THC, which is the Federal Legal Limit in the USA. The spokesperson reveals that there is a host of Benefits of CBD Oil that they produce with natural, safe and potent ingredients. The product is trusted and recommended by top doctors and health professionals across the world.

Here is a list of what this CBD Oil can do:
Manic Depression
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Phantom Pain
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Spinal Injury
Tourette’s Syndrome
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High Eye Pressure (IOP)
Alzheimer’s Disease
Anorexia Nervosa
Anxiety & Stress
Autoimmune Disorders (AD)
Cachexia & Wasting
Cardiovascular Disease
Crohn’s Disease
Gastrointestinal Disorder

To know more about the CBD oil they produce and to read the reviews of the product from the actual patients, one can visit the website

About CBD Oil Kills Cancer

CBD Oil Kills Cancer offers Hemp Worx products that are made from natural ingredients. The 80% Pure CBD Oil is the highest grade available on the market. They want all customers to have a positive experience with the CBD products and offer non-GMO and 100% legal CBD oil in the USA. In addition to providing the best CBD Skin Care Products, Pet Products, Drops, and more – they also want to change the way society looks at this amazing versatile beneficial plant called Hemp.

Media Contact
Company Name: CBD Oil Kills Cancer
Contact Person: Tony Falasca
Phone: 901-871-9291
Address:2331 Bartlett Oaks Drive
City: Bartlett
State: TN
Country: United States

Source: CBD Oil Kills Cancer Brings 100% Legal & Most Powerful CBD Oil for People Get Relief in Cancer.