Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Lavalier Personal Jewelry Insurance announces affinity partnership with Gemological Science International



Lavalier Personal Jewelry Insurance announces affinity partnership with Gemological Science International


May 16, 2017- Lavalier Personal Jewelry Insurance and Gemological Science International (GSI) announced an affinity partnership today. The Lavalier is now offering a 10% premium discount when consumers submit a grading report from GSI for jewelry they ensure at Berkley Asset Protection has an A.M. Best rating of A+ and a Financial Size XV which reflects a strong foundation. GSI and Berkley were both formed in the 21st century and are both customer-centric organizations.


“This is great news for our customers,” said Debbie Azar, GSI’s Co-Founder. “We are extremely pleased to be able to offer this added value to our customers and to be associated with a premier insurance company like Lavalier/Berkley.” Consumers can obtain instant, online insurance quotes at by entering just their ZIP code, the value of the item to be insured and their choice of deductible. The GSI discount is applied when they upload the grading report.


“Reliable, accurate jewelry descriptions and values, such as those from GSI, are indispensable for consumers to obtain appropriate insurance for their treasured jewelry pieces,” explained Joseph Dowd, president of Berkley Asset Protection. “Too often, consumers receive documents with inflated values or vague descriptions that make it difficult to replace or repair with like kind and quality in a claim situation. GSI provides independent, third-party documentation that consumers can rely on.”

The Lavalier policy is “all risk,” covering everything unless expressly excluded. The worldwide coverage includes loss, damage, theft and mysterious disappearance/unexplained loss, newly purchased jewelry and jewelry in transit for inspection, repair or sale.*

Berkley Asset Protection is the fastest-growing insurer of jewelers block and fine arts insurance, serving clients in the United States and internationally.

Berkley Asset Protection, headquartered in New York City, is an operating unit of W. R. Berkley Corporation, one of the nation’s premier commercial lines property casualty insurance providers in the United States and worldwide. Berkley National Insurance Company, which underwrites the Lavalier policy, is a unit of W. R. Berkley Corporate and headquartered in Naperville, IL.


About GSI


GSI is one of the largest gemological organizations in the world. Its clients are large manufacturers, major jewelry chains, department stores, and online jewelers. It is headquartered in New York City’s Diamond District at 581, Fifth Avenue and has offices in USA, India, Israel, Belgium, Botswana, China, and Dubai.


To learn more about the partnership, expansion plans, or to book an interview, contact


Priti Dubey

Corporate Communications Manager

Gemological Science International (GSI)


M- +91-9920120769





Source: Lavalier Personal Jewelry Insurance announces affinity partnership with Gemological Science International

Monday, May 15, 2017

Senmer News Wire: For People in Switzerland Chinese Course Zurich Is Now Available To Gain HSK A1 Chinese Proficiency in Just Few Hours

Sprachschule Nihao is the Chinese language school in Zurich that allows foreigners to learn Chinese through different classroom, online and video programs in just a few days.

China is not only a leading business hub, but also emerging as a popular tourist destination in the world. More and more foreigners are showing interest in learning more about Chinese history and culture. All this is adding to the popularity of the Chinese language. In Switzerland, Sprachschule Nihao brings Chinese learning opportunities for foreigners through their different courses.

The Chinese language school announces learn Chinese Zurich programs that allow students to learn simple Chinese sentences in just a few hours. One will be able to speak in Chinese with the help of learn Chinese program. According to the spokesperson of the school, after 40 hours of Chinese lessons, students can travel to China and can confidently communicate in Chinese. The Chinese language school has a team of experienced teachers who have experience of teaching Chinese to foreigners.For People in Switzerland Chinese Course Zurich Is Now Available To Gain HSK A1 Chinese Proficiency in Just Few Hours

The spokesperson reveals that most of the students can reach to the HSK A1 Chinese proficiency with 15 hours of learning. Teachers offer personalized attention to each student, and a student can achieve HSK Level 2 proficiency after 40 hours of learning. Students can also pass HSK Level 3 in Chinese language after 80 hours of learning. With the HSK Level 3 proficiency, students can easily learn 500 Chinese characters and can form numerous sentences in Chinese. Students can also hold conversation with Chinese people in Chinese.

Sprachschule Nihao offers simple and flexible ways of learning Chinese. They have introduced video Chinese course Zurich that will allow people to learn Chinese from the very beginning. One can access these interactive videos in their free time and can complete their Chinese learning course at their own pace. There is no need of any instructor, one can take help of the practice tests and can learn the language without any difficulty. These videos have clear explanations and which bring a confident way of learning Chinese.

One can learn the details of the different Chinese learning programs offered by Sprachschule Nihao by visiting their website

About Sprachschule Nihao

Sprachschule Nihao offers Chinesisch sprachkurs in Zurich, Zug, Uster, and Luzern areas.  They allow people to learn Chinese with an experienced teacher to help save time and energy. The classes are conducted in small groups in their school and also at the client’s locations.  They now have included interactive videos for people to learn Chinese online.

Media Contact
Company Name: Sprachschule Nihao
Contact Person: Frau Wang
Phone: +41 79 925 97 61
Country: Switzerland

Source: For People in Switzerland Chinese Course Zurich Is Now Available To Gain HSK A1 Chinese Proficiency in Just Few Hours

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Rayming Technology Improve Led Lighting industry Level by LED PCB Boards

Rayming Technology has been devotedly engaged in manufacturing high quality double-sided and multilayered PCBs since 2005. At the same, the firm also furnishes an array of PCB assembly services.

Printed circuit boards or PCBs in short is a component that forms the core of almost all electronic, electrical, and digital components. Simply put the design and performance aspects of an electronic or electrical product regardless of its size is inextricably tied with the PCB. Rayming Technology is an established manufacturer specializing in the production of a wide range of double-sided and multilayered printed circuit boards, with some boards having up to 32 embedded layers. The PCB products of Rayming find extensive applications in the power generation, distribution and supply industries, automobile industry, IT hardware industry, optoelectronics, consumer electronics, and telecommunications to name a few. The company also has extensive experience in PCB Assembly and production of associated products.

Industrial and commercial organizations looking for PCBs and components related to the former can log on to the official site of Rayming Technology. Thereafter, the prospect can track the particular item by navigating the different categories including but not limited to PCB prototype, Express PCB, Aluminum PCB, Flexible PCB, HDI PCB, electronic components, and PCB material. For instance, when shopping for LED PCB, one can find a wide range of products and items under this category. Rayming has carried out meticulous and painstaking ‘research and development’ pertaining to the designing of innovative PCBs for led lighting products that can help intensify lumens and dissipate heat as well.

Rayming Technology Improve Led Lighting industry Level by LED PCB Boards

The LED PCB for led lights having an aluminum base, copper base, ceramic base can be seen embedded in the core of LED tubes, LED CFLs, outdoor LED signboards, LED waterproof lamps, and so on. Some of these products include metal core printed circuit board aluminum based PCB, mirror aluminum base PCB 4 layer PCB fabrication, high thermal conductivity PCB, and much more. Rayming Technology following years of dedicated focusing on producing different types of printed circuit boards has been able to achieve a daily production capacity that exceeds 1000sqm and the average monthly output is about 10,000sqm. The company chiefly processes orders of industrial clients based in Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and America.

In order to meet the customized needs of different customers based throughout the world, Rayming also furnishes a range of PCB assembly services. The firm has extensive experience in assembling PCBs relating to knowhow regarding the components, designing of the circuit board, and fabrication. Rayming has acquired a high degree of specialization in creating the product as per clientele’s specifications. Outsourcing the entire production project starting from layout to assemblage of the PCB to Rayming relieves the customer from the hassles of dealing with numerous third-party vendors. The various services pertaining to putting together the different parts of the PCB include ‘quick-turn prototype assembly’, turn-key assembly’, ‘consignment assembly’, ‘conformal coating, and ‘final box-build and packaging’.

About Rayming Technology

Rayming Technology is a manufacturing concern based in Shenzhen province of China that has perfected the skills of producing PCBs, especially multiple layered and double-sided PCBs.

Media Contact
Company Name: RayMing Technology
Contact Person: Lisa
Phone: 86 0755 27378087
State: Shenzhen
Country: China

Source: Rayming Technology Improve Led Lighting industry Level by LED PCB Boards

Friday, May 12, 2017

Senmer News Wire: Shenzhen iPandarea publicizes creation of multiple handy products based around Panda

Shenzhen iPandarea Technology Co., Ltd deals in more than 1300 items that have been inspired by Panda including handbags, toys, phone covers, and baby & kids’ clothes.

The giant panda which is the national animal of China is also the official logo of WWF, the premier organization dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating endangered fauna species. This animal is instantly distinguishable by its prominent black and white markings and is admired throughout the world. Apart from WWF there are numerous other bodies and trusts situated all over the world that are doing their bit in increasing the population of pandas.

One such enterprise that has devoted itself to the cause of popularizing the exotic animal is Shenzhen iPandarea Technology Co., Ltd based in the Shenzhen province of China. Shenzhen iPandarea Technology Co., Ltd was founded with the objective of creating an array of products orientated around Panda and over the years the firm has been doing brisk business selling panda bag online.

Shenzhen iPandarea publicizes creation of multiple handy products based around Panda

Shenzhen iPandarea Technology Co., Ltd catalogues and retails thousands of cute and handy products that are either shaped like pandas or exhibit the animal as an insignia or symbol. Logging in to the site of the company one comes across a range of products including but not limited to hats, toys, teddy bears, phone cases, dolls, purses, handbags, totes, and panda school bag for kids. When it comes to searching for a product say for instance, panda bags, navigating through the relevant page is not a problem is not a hassle at all. The entire site is extremely user-friendly in that the textual and graphical contents are lucid and discernible.

After clicking on a page the user or prospective shopper is able to browse panda backpack by categories of price, color, size, and style. For example, if somebody is looking for a backpack for nursery school kids, then clicking the mouse on the ‘bags’ section listed on the top of the home page will suffice. After landing on the page dedicated to ‘bags’, one simply needs to filter by price and or sort items by names for having close-up views of the listed items. While browsing for backpacks, one will come across ‘cartoon polyurethane (PU) backpack kindergarten school bag costing $23.99. Seven distinct images of this backpack can be viewed on the webpage.

There are several other panda backpack products that one can browse through. There’s one ‘creative funny backpack travel bag school bag’ that comes with a flap incorporating the panda and costs $44.99. This backpack has been made from durable and quality materials and is guaranteed with an extended shelf life. The online store of Shenzhen iPandarea Technology Co., Ltd also stocks a surfeit of items that has the panda as its core including ‘giant panda stuffed teddy bear’, ‘kung fu panda Po stuffed dolls for kids’, ‘cute cartoon panda coin purse key bag 6 colors’ and so on. There are a near endless range of dress materials for babies and kids imprinted with the panda crest.

About Shenzhen iPandarea Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen iPandarea Technology Co., Ltd has an user-friendly online storefront that indexes and retails an assortment of products themed around the giant panda. For more details please visit their website.

Media Contact
Company Name: Shenzhen iPandarea Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Tyler Liu
Phone: +86 13058706453
City: Shenzhen
State: Guangdong
Country: China

Source: Shenzhen iPandarea publicizes creation of multiple handy products based around Panda

Senmer News Wire: Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd Presents its Range of Advanced Range of Transformers

Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd is a supplier that is involved in supply of a wide range of transformers, switchgears, insulators, and package substation. The company is based in the coastal city of Dalian in China.

Power equipment is a critical installation that forms the lifeline of both commercial and household properties. They essentially play the role of the heart that pumps blood in our body by supplying power to the machines and units. The kind of power equipment has evolved over the years and come with some exceptional capabilities. There are a number of companies based in China that are involved in production of a number of power equipment. One company that has been known for their wide range of products is Liaoning MEC Group Co. Ltd. The company is involved in supply of a range of power equipment such as electrical transformers, package substations, switchgears, and insulators.

They also supply a range of power fitting and a series of substation and transmission line equipment. The company has been offering their exclusive range of products to customers from different countries across the world. With experience spreading over a couple of decades, the company has gained reputation of offering high quality products backed by excellent services. The company specializes in supply of electrical power transformers that are used for changing both the voltage as well as current of the electricity that flows through it.  These are made from coil wrapped around the electromagnet used for transferring electricity. The product range spreads across power transformers, distribution transformers, furnace transformers, current transformers and dry type power transformers.

Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd Presents its Range of Advanced Range of Transformers

To check out their exclusive set of mechanical products under different categories, customers can visit their website. The website features all the products under different categories. Each of them comes with detailed specifications and high quality images. Hence, a customer can easily make an informed decision after knowing each and every detail about the products. Additionally, the company also caters to custom requirements and can supply products based on specific necessities. Customers could easily get in touch with the company by using inquire now options against each product.

Moreover, the contact page offers the option to send specific questions and queries related to their products and services. Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd has all the important certificates such as ISO 9001:2008 as an assurance to the quality of products on offer. Besides that they also have a registered company that has the license to supply and export the wide range of products from China.

About Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd is a supplier of a wide range of equipment and products from China. The company is based in the coastal city of Dalian and caters to customers from across the world. In order to order their products or to know more about these offerings, customers can visit their website.

Media Contact
Company Name: Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: David Lee
Phone: 86-411-39803728
City: Dalian
Country: China

Source: Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd Presents its Range of Advanced Range of Transformers