Monday, September 12, 2016

Senmer News Wire: Free Press Releases Have a Place in Your Online Marketing Plan for Great Reason

There are many who claim great SEO (search engine optimization) benefits from publishing press releases far and wide to gain backlinks to your website. This is very much one of those opinions that has been dying out as Google stopped indexing press releases as highly as they once did. There’s also the duplicate content issue.

Didn’t think duplicate content applied to press releases? Google says it does, as a PR is not a discussion forum, store item, or printer-only version of a web page.

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The argument over whether duplicate content is harmful to website search results rages on, but one thing is for sure either way: there’s no point in releasing a press release if your only reason to do so is to get listed on page one of Google for your search result.

While manipulating search results is a waste of time, some free sites do offer dofollow links, which is good for your site’s backlink profile. In addition, many top bloggers and social media professionals use Google Alerts and other internet news gathering services. Getting your free press release into Google News can be done by submitting your PR to a reputable free service.

While appearing on bloggers’ radars is a step forward, it’s not going to result in any real exposure to journalists, and your release is not getting any syndication via newswires. Its usefulness is limited unless you are willing to pick up the ball and run with it.

Spending a little time finding the journalists and bloggers who write about events in your industry, and offering exclusive rights to publication for a news release is the best way to gain some traction with the people who are most likely to help push your brand into the public consciousness.

Paid news releases have the advantage of syndication to newswires, but it’s still possible to gain some benefit from free press release sites. Savvy marketers will personally syndicate their free press releases where they understand their market to be.

Possibilities for syndication include LinkedIn, Slideshare, and now Facebook article publishing.

It’s always a good idea to create an online media room, where you can link out to all your published press. This isn’t for a backlink profile, but to show interested journalists that you have a back catalogue of content that is newsworthy and that you are available for interview and have an understanding of how PR works.

While free PR gets a bad rep sometimes, it’s a bootstrapper’s secret weapon.

Source: Free Press Releases Have a Place in Your Online Marketing Plan for Great Reason

Senmer News Wire: Myfacebrush.Com Presents Affordable Makeup Brush & Professional Makeup Sponge for Makeup Artists

Professional makeup artists can purchase a wide variety of makeup brushes and makeup sponges at cheap prices from Bluewind Beauty’s online store of Myfacebrush.Com

In order to offer an impressive makeup, a makeup artist needs to rely on professional quality makeup tools, including makeup brushes and makeup sponges. With the help of different types of makeup brushes, one can apply makeup on face, lips, eyes and other parts with proficiency and confidence. Bluewind Beauty Ltd. is now offering a variety of makeup brushes and makeup sponges at cheap prices on their web store, Myfacebrush.Com.

With an Affordable Makeup Brush available online on Myfacebrush.Com, a professional makeup artist can chisel his/ her skills and improve his/her performance. The web store has makeup brushes from leading brands, such as Bobbi Brown, Nars Ita, MAC and others. Available at cheap prices, one can easily choose the makeup brush that he or she may need to showcase their makeup excellence. The online store has makeup brushes for applying makeup, applying eye shadow, for contouring and for other purposes. One can pick the best brush from a variety of brushes available at cheap prices.

Myfacebrush.Com Presents Affordable Makeup Brush & Professional Makeup Sponge for Makeup Artists

One can purchase a Cheap MAC Brush for a perfect makeup application. The Mac brush range includes MAC Fiber Foundation Brush, MAC Tapered Face Brush, MAC Blending Brush, MAC Eyeshadow Brush, MAC All Over Eye Brush and other types of brushes. The online store also has MAC Keepsakes In Extra Dimension Brush Kit that includes Split Fibre Face Brush, Split Fibre Cheek Brush, Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush, and Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush. All MAC brushes are 100% authentic and are professional grade makeup tool for makeup artists to enhance their performance.

Besides quality makeup brushes, Myfacebrush.Com also has an adorable Professional Makeup Sponge range, available at cheap prices. Made of high quality and biodegradable material, the sponges are available in a variety of shapes for blending makeup with ease and efficiency. Each sponge features non-harmful synthetic latex that is perfect for superior blending or contouring. The sponges are designed in shapes that are perfect to reach every corner and hard to reach areas of a human face.

To know more about makeup brushes or makeup sponges, one can visit the website

About Bluewind Beauty Ltd. is a professional website of  Bluewind Beauty Ltd., sourcing and selling affordable and authentic makeup brushes, professional blending Sponge, makeup tools and sets at a brilliant budget. They offer 100% authentic products from various reputed brands with a quality guarantee.

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Source: Myfacebrush.Com Presents Affordable Makeup Brush & Professional Makeup Sponge for Makeup Artists

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Senmer News Wire: How To Boost Your Press Release To Whole Internet?

The simple press release might not be such a big thing for a lot of people but businesses, websites, SEO or Search Engine Optimization specialists all look up to it. This is because of its intrinsic high market value, as well as its power to hammer the point.
Senmer News Wire

One of the inherent problems for any press release that has been distributed through the public channels such as emails, is that it tends to get run over by other emails or other news feeds. If a person uses Twitter to forward their official release, a lot of experts still think that it would not be enough, regardless whether the Twitter account has a million followers.

There are of course techniques that people can use to improve the output or the outcome of the releases that they are trying to market. The most renowned method, and the one that will give you a good return on your investment, is the use of an authentic press release distribution service . It will ensure that any of your releases, get the attention that it would need. Some of these services will even help companies to get their releases on the top part of Google News in a span of 60 minutes or an hour for the most.

What’s even better is that when every strategy in the book has been followed right down to the letter, businesses should expect even more traffic coming into their website thanks to these type of syndication services. The website linked to the release, would have been crawled or detected by the internet bots working either for Google, Yahoo or Bing. There are some other qualities that make this method such an effective tool, and this is primarily linked to the enhancement in the Alexa Page Rank traffic.

Other special benefits definitely have to do with Search Engine Optimization. The press release will usually be well optimized with the appropriate keywords and helps to bring in people who rely on search engines by typing in those very same keywords. Put in any relevant or related keyword for your product or service on offer and it is guaranteed that in a span of hours, your website will be swamped with incoming traffic .

In addition, all the results that have arrived courtesy of the press release distribution service have longer staying power. Website owners and developers can rest easy, knowing that the links that they have placed in the media release, will stay strong and firmly in place in any search engine for a long time. This is in stark contrast to e-books, and other methodologies that teach people how to generate traffic through releases that are either ineffective in the eyes of Google or even deemed as illegal.

Press release distribution services companies have taken advantage of the amazing marketing power of media syndication , and has stated time and time again how it has positively changed the way their clients do business. This methodology has managed to send prospects and potential customers to them, rather than send themselves out into the field just to look for prospects.

Press release might be one of the underused and un-appreciated forms of marketing websites . But with the help of a professional and reputable submission service however, people will no longer have to doubt the effectiveness and raw power of this marketing avenue.

Source: How To Boost Your Press Release To Whole Internet?